Vermont Department of Tourism launches

first_imgFrom a snow groomer waxing philosophic, to an apple grower explaining the art of “pie-chi,” the characters starring in the new video vignettes featured on offer viewers a glimpse into some of the personalities that are the life of Vermont’s vibrant tourist industry. The short films were shot as part of a campaign for the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing that emphasizes the state’s diverse human assets.‘Our recent research on the Vermont brand showed that vacationers are looking for ‘good value,’ ‘diverse experiences,’ ‘unspoiled landscape’ and ‘warm, friendly people,’” said deputy commissioner of tourism and marketing Steve Cook.‘With this in mind, Spike and VT Tourism conceived and created’”We want to take prospective visitors beyond Vermont’s physical landscape to meet a few genuine Vermonters ‘ the people behind the scenes who bring a wonderful, albeit sometimes wacky, element of independence, ingenuity, perseverance and passion to all that they do,” says Ken Millman, Spike’s president.In addition to the series of 2 to 3-minute vignettes featuring an array of Vermont characters, the microsite shares snackable facts about Vermont, and helps visitors start planning their trip with a handy travel planner tool available at Spike Advertising. Burlington, VT’September 3, 2010—30-last_img read more