The YouTube Industry Has A Transparency Problem

first_img9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… fruzsina eordogh YouTube, whose community is ironically stereotyped as oversharers, has business transparency issues. This transparency problem doesn’t come just from Google, it also manifests within the YouTube community’s top-earners and across the third-party businesses that have sprung up to leverage the giant video-sharing site. It’s hard to say who is worse, YouTube, or the video industry emerging on the site – known as “YouTube Networks.”  The YouTube industry, often compared to the Wild West due to its few rules and regulations and seemingly endless profits for the lucky few, has a controversial mantra: “Join a YouTube Network! That’s how you know you’ve made it!”YouTube Networks Will Change Your Life, For Better Or WorseTo non-insiders, YouTube networks can be one or all of the following: an ad sales team, a promotional marketing service, a production studio, a talent management agency, and/or a laison between YouTube partners and the notoriously hard-to-get-ahold-of YouTube reps. Think of a third-party YouTube network as a type of Web video business incubator with millions in funding (depending on the network) and all the right (presumably) connections to make you a big Web star. In return for all these wonderful things, the YouTube network takes a cut of your profits. Sometimes that cut can be more than half of what you earn.  There are roughly 200 networks operating on YouTube right now, Steve Raymond, the CEO of Big Frame, told me in an interview last month. Big Frame is one of the newest – and in my opinion one of the cleanest – YouTube networks now operating.If the existence of 200 networks on YouTube surprises you, think of it this way: YouTube has been pushing towards the network model for a while, given 72 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube’s small staff simply can’t handle every YouTuber’s needs the way they did in the good old days of 2006 – before the company was purchased by Google.    Alas, tales of young rising YouTubers being taken advantage of because they didn’t hire a lawyer when negotiating with a YouTube network has become all too common. Horror stories of people signing for life because they don’t read the fine print, or end up giving away complete ownership of their content, abound. Educate Yourself! YouTube Partnership vs. NetworkIn a prior interview about networks taking advantage of unsuspecting video stars, The Fine Brothers – the YouTube duo known for their hit show “Kids React” – told me they were dismayed by the number of YouTubers who don’t realize they are giving up their YouTube Partnership when they join a network. If anything, this should be the first thing made clear to Partners. (Some Partners like not having to worry about this financial aspect, but others, like the Fine Brothers, worry it leads to abuse.)Forfeiting control of your Partnership – the contract you sign with YouTube that allows you to collect ad revenue from the Google-owned company – is standard in the YouTube network world.Ray William Johnson, the top YouTuber and first video star to become a millionaire from his earnings (in April 2011), doesn’t think this should be the case, and said so in a recent interview with NewMediaRockStar founder Benny Luo. (ReadWrite readers and YouTube insiders might remember the last time I wrote about Johnson,  notoriously media-shy for a Web celebrity, when he left the YouTube network Maker Studios after contract disputes.) In the interview, Johnson admits he is no expert on YouTube networks, but believes “there’s no good reason to ever sign your YouTube Adsense account over to a third party. Ever.” Any service offered by a YouTube-based network, he said, “they can accomplish without seizing control of your Adsense account.”Where’s The Data?YouTube’s transparency problems are not just about the forfeiting of one’s YouTube Partnership, or the lack of education about networks – it’s also about YouTube’s preferential treatment of networks when it comes to analytics. Networks get access to YouTube data relevant to the creator’s account that YouTube doesn’t share with the creator. In other words, there are better numbers for analyzing viewership and performance, and only networks get to see them.Creators get only “estimated data,” said Benny Fine of The Fine Brothers. “The actual final numbers, only networks get that.” Many partners end up using other contractors and services to track their own data. It’s a level of secrecy that doesn’t make sense, Fine said, and certainly fosters at least the perception of abuse.The Fine Brothers don’t think all networks are bad – they signed with network Revision 3 after a year of researching their options. They recommend YouTubers demand their network contracts provide simultaneous access to YouTube performance data.Johnson, on the other hand, seems to have eschewed networks all together, and appears to be happy being the master of his own YouTube fate by opening up his own production studio called Runaway Planet.How Much Do YouTubers Make?YouTubers, by their Partner contracts, are forbidden from revealing their earnings. But in OpenSlate’s infographic published last month, the average monthly revenue for the top 1,000 channels comes out to $26,000. This amounts to an average annual payout of $276,000. That’s serious money – that no one is permitted to talk about.Philip DeFranco, a leading YouTuber known for his news and pop culture commentary on “The Philip DeFranco Show,” admitted in a Reddit AMA that he pays himself roughly $100,000 a year and invests the rest (a monthly six-figures) back into his companies. A top executive at the YouTube network Revision 3 (where DeFranco is signed) mostly confirmed the salary in a phone chat at the time, saying DeFranco gets a six-figure check each month from the company. Not a check for six figures a year from Revision3 – a six figure check each month. DeFranco, of course, is a YouTube anomaly – a geniune Web celebrity and Internet video entrepeneur.YouTube’s Trickle-Down Effect?It is actually not uncommon for leading YouTubers to invest in the Web-video industry that fostered them by opening studios, agencies, networks or high-production-value Web shows. The YouTube community generally cheers these investments.  The belief is that bonafide YouTubers know the space, will prevent it from being appropriated by corporate outsiders, stamp out industry abuses like predatory contracts, and make the industry more transparent.It is this sense of a “digital family” that made Johnson’s acrimonious split with Maker Studios so tragic to some in the YouTube community: after all, top YouTubers created Maker Studios. “How could they mistreat their own?” the community wondered. In fact, it seems Johnson’s experience with Maker Studios turned him off networks forever. When asked if he would start his own network, Johnson’s answer was an absolute, “No.”Image courtesy of @RayWJ. Related Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutcenter_img Tags:#Google#Video Services#YouTube 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

How to Design a Mobile App for Outstanding User Experience

first_imgRelated Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Pete McCain User experience design (UXD or UX) has been getting attention day by day. The attention is because UX is recognized as a discipline, and it has registered voluminous growth in mobile apps. In the current era, mobile app developers focus on many touch points around end users before developing mobile apps. You need to know how to design a mobile app for outstanding user experience.What does UX mean?UX stands for “User Experience.” UX is all about how a website or mobile application interacts with customers or users. Or, we can say that how the end users of the mobile app feel about accessing the mobile application. Well, user experience is the way of improving user satisfaction by enhancing usability, accessibility, and efficiency of a user’s interaction with the user interface.UX is the metric that will help your app to level up across different App Stores. If you have determined to transform your app idea into reality, then it is high time to do it. And, you’re not alone. Statista estimated that as of the first quarter of 2019, Android users were able to choose between 2.1 million apps. It means that there were approximately 2.1 million apps with the best mobile app UX design. And, Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.8 million available apps.With these numbers like that, it is safe to say that there are immense opportunities for a mobile app with outstanding user experience. Let’s check out a few essential ways to design a mobile app with holistic user experience.5 Ways to Create Outstanding User Experience (UX)1. Prompt OnboardingThe concept of prompt onboarding is recognized as one of the underrated factors. But, in actual, the quick on-boarding process converts users into power users. Well, the user on-boarding allows amateur users into experts.So, to create a great first impression and retention, it is essential to develop the on-boarding process as simple as you can. Let’s take an example of WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook just because of three core values, which are simplicity, reliability, and security. WhatsApp has the most uncomplicated on-boarding process as it automatically detects SMS to simplify phone verification. So, users do not have to leave the application to check and enter the code.Image: useronboardAll you just need to create a user experience (UX), which makes onboarding fast and provides an excellent new user experience.Bottom Line: The bottom line is to make things simpler for your users as they will not get distracted by something outside the application and forget to complete the process of onboarding eventually.2. Simple Navigation Makes a DifferenceHaving a simple design means that the navigation must be more straightforward. There are different types of navigation, which use in mobile app design that makes a difference, such as:Pub GuideBottomFull ScreenSide MenuGoogle NewsstandOverviewSide navigationGesture-based navigationBottom navigationIf you are building an app as a knowledge or information sharing platform, then the full-screen navigation can be the go-to option. That’s why it can be a good choice in navigation is that on a 5-inch screen mobile app, the excessive information can make users confused. To give them impressive experience, the full-screen flat menu navigation is highly recommended to provide a simpler navigation experience. NASA app is one of the classic examples of full-screen horizontal menu navigation.3. Make Your App Responsive & Appear FasterTo make an outstanding user experience, loading time is extremely crucial. We live in the era where technology has been progressing a lot from the past few decades. And, it results, people have become more impatient. If the page takes more time to load, the chances are people get frustrated and leave. So, the loading speed must be essential, which we can’t ignore. No matter how fast your app is, but there must be some things that take time to process.Loading Spinner: A blank screen can make your users frustrated. And, the odds are users may leave your app. The only solution to prevent this condition is to make use of loading spinner. It makes it clear that something is happening. For longer load time (more than 10 seconds), it is pivotal to display the progress bar.4. Give a Thought Reachable Thumb ZonesIn general, people hold their phones with one hand and operate them through thumbs. And, most of the interactions are thumb-driven. So, it is safe to say that they do not forget to consider the positions in which users hold their phones. In users, the thumb movement is one of the most common ones when it comes to holding their smartphones.Image: DribbleSometimes, people are comfortable to consume content by scrolling with a single thumb. The important thing is that mobile applications must be designed by considering the reachable zones. Thus, it will increase user engagement and user satisfaction.5. FormsTo boost conversions of your business and engagement with users, a simple mobile form can help to create a great user experience.The mobile form allows a positive user experience, and it ensures a happy visitor or user. And, the odds are the visitors most probably convert into customers and becoming returning users. Well, there are several ways to achieve outstanding user experience, by including the following ingredients while designing a mobile app:Clear form fieldsMinimal form fieldsAutomated ActionsAlluring design and layoutIf mobile visitors or users cannot easily read, complete, and submit the mobile forms, the chances are high to losing the business. So, it is pivotal to create a mobile-friendly form, which fits the screen of the mobile device. Let’s check out a list of essential points, which is vital to implement while designing a mobile app form:Minimize the Form FieldsAutomate the ActionsUse Single-column LayoutCreate clear action buttonsProvide scanners for paymentsProvide the state of completionHence, to design a mobile app with alluring user experience, the mobile form must be highly functional and easy to view while completing and submitting the form.Final ThoughtsThat being said, the first impressions are the most lasting. It is no secret that the success of any mobile app relies on the fact of how simple and easy to use a mobile app is. To make a lasting impression, build a positive relationship with your leads and users, and boost conversions, then don’t forget to include the ways as mentioned above while designing a mobile with outstanding user experience. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Pete McCain is a technology startup enthusiast, associated with AppVelocity – one of the best mobile app developers in Toronto. He has collaborated with more than 50 entrepreneurs – over the last decade – to maximise growth and contribute to technical excellence. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

Shops selling merchandise ‘in a spot’

first_imgWith a day to go for the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, the Organising Committee is still grappling to find ‘ideal’ spots for the placement of its merchandising stalls to maximize sales.The OC officials have sought a police nod for the placement of stalls at newer spots in the Capital, according to Delhi Police officers. The reason? Given the ‘strange’ placement of merchandise stalls inside the security cordon areas leading to the Games’ venues, most people haven’t been able to reach them.And those who’ve managed to get in haven’t been able to buy as such items aren’t allowed inside the stadia. According to Games officials their initial merchandise sales target was `8 crore from across 70 stalls in the Capital but only a fraction of them actually opened.”They blame us for the stalls but the fact is that before the Games started there was a meeting of the Delhi police commissioner, sports secretary and the OC where we told them that we were not informed about the exact location of the stalls. They were told that it could become a security concern at the end but there was no response,” a police officer said.The few stalls that opened were at ‘awkward’ spots leading to low sales. More than a dozen other stores are at some distance from the Games’ venues for security reasons. Take for example the merchandise stall at the OC headquarters itself.”Only the OC officials, staff or accredited journalists and athletes have access to this area,” a senior OC official said. The Delhi police officers confirmed that the issue of opening up fresh merchandise stalls at exit points of many of the venues had been raised by the OC officials. But the chances of them getting a nod were bleak.advertisementlast_img