Two ways to motivate: Packers’ McCarthy used flea bag hotels; 49ers’ DeBartolo was partial to DC-10s

first_imgOn second thought, it is kind of a laughing matter. After Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, former Packers defensive back Will Blackmon took to Twitter to reminisce about the team’s four-game road losing streak in 2008 and … The Green Bay Packers play their home games in Titletown. As we speak, they play their road games in Loserville.Sunday night the Pack lost its eighth consecutive away game, imperiling its microscopic chances for a playoff berth. As you can imagine, it’s no laughing matter.last_img read more

When Good People Do Nothing

first_imgThanks to low turnout by those who respect traditional values, America will reap dire consequences.We don’t need to hear a sermon to be told this.  Live Science, no bastion of Christian conservatism (quite the opposite), seemed pleased to inform its readers of the social changes coming from national and state election results on November 6.  In “5 Ways the Election Will Affect Social Values,” Tia Ghose spelled them out:1. Drug laws: “Support for marijuana legalization has steadily increased, and last year, for the first time, a Gallup poll found 50 percent of Americans supported legalizing the drug.”2. Gay marriage:  “Obama’s re-election stands to be a boon for gay-marriage supporters.”  Maine and Massachusetts passed ballot initiatives to legalize gay marriage.3.  Immigration: “In his second term, Obama is likely to renew the push for comprehensive immigration reform, according to news reports. He  also is likely push for the passage of the DREAM Act, which would provide people brought here illegally with a path to citizenship if they attend college or enroll in the U.S. military.”4. Abortion:  “Obama’s re-election also may be good news for supporters of abortion rights. With the liberal wing of the Supreme Court aging, Obama may have the chance to nominate one or even two Supreme Court Justices, shoring up support for abortion rights on the court,” Ghose wrote.  “It also means that any national abortion legislation will arrive on Obama’s desk for signing before it can be approved.”5. Death:  “The country may be divided on when life begins, but it’s also conflicted about death,” Ghose wrote.  Ballot propositions on physician assisted suicide, for instance, have not yet gained a footing, but its proponents keep trying.In an 18-minute video on YouTube, Frank Turek explained why Christians should be involved in politics.  The difference between night-time view of the Korean peninsula show why: the south is brightly lit, and the north is dark — because of politics.  All laws legislate morality, he says.  If we do not present morality effectively, society will pay the consequences. (Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Consumer help: tax

first_imgHere’s a guide on how a taxpayer can submit returns and make payments to the South African Revenue Services.Taxpayers can do e-Filing for the electronic submission of returns, and electronic payments. It is also possible to e-File via your mobile phone or tablet. (Image: Brand South Africa)Brand South Africa reporterHelp with tax-related problems or complaints, as well as a range of online resources to help you submit your returns and make payments to the Receiver of Revenue.Tax problems and complaintsThe South African Revenue Services (SARS) subscribes to a service charter. However, taxpayers sometimes do not get the service they want. Issues that SARS will address include those relating to delays in processing returns, decision making and the correction of administrative mistakes, failure to provide reasons for making an adjustment to a return, failure to respond to queries, objections and appeals, as well as the conduct and attitude of SARS staff.Website: you have a problem, you should first contact your local SARS branch office. If the dispute remains unresolved, then raise the issue with SARS by:Calling the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 SARS (7277)Emailing your closest contact centre.Northern South Africa: South Africa: South Africa: South Africa: sure you are given a service request number, which you will need if you take your complaint further, to the Service Monitoring Office. This offers taxpayers an independent channel to facilitate the resolution of issues and disputes.Service Monitoring Office number: 0860 12 12 16Find out more about dealing with service issues on the SARS website.e-FilingThe South African Revenue Service’s e-Filing allows for the electronic submission of returns, and electronic payments. It is also possible to e-File via your mobile phone or tablet.Website: you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Video Editing Quick Tip: Dynamic Trimming in Premiere Pro

first_imgThis quick tutorial covering dynamic trimming in Premiere Pro will help you achieve more precise playback while editing in the timeline.Top image via ShutterstockOne of the most frustrating aspects of video editing is noticing a mistake (or finding something specific you want to examine) in the middle of your timeline. Controlling playback dynamically as you cut is a great skill set to add to your Premiere Pro arsenal.Step 1: Play AroundFirst you want to hit the Play Around option (or Shift+K). This takes you back a few seconds.To change that number of seconds, choose Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Playback. If you’re working on a PC: Edit > Preferences > Playback and then edit the amount of time under PreRoll and PostRoll. Just remember — Shift+KStep 2: LoopingAfter you’ve figured out what Play Around does, you can loop this action by going to the Wrench Tool on the program monitor and picking Loop.Hitting Shift+K now will take you back a few seconds, play through to a couple of seconds after, and then loop back around and play it again. This saves you from having to manually go back to where you want to begin your edit.Step 3: TrimmingFirst, hit the shortcut T to highlight the cut you want to play with, then hit Option+Left Arrow or Option+Right Arrow. If you’re working on a PC, Alt+Right Arrow or Alt+Left Arrow.This shifts the point where your Play Around starts and moves the cut backwards. This is perfect for trimming your clip frame by frame to exactly the right moment.Another helpful hint: Option+Shift+Left Arrow. This moves it back five frames at a time. For additional tips/tricks/techniques, check out the Premiere Pro section of the PremiumBeat blog!Have you made use of dynamic trimming in the past? Know of any other quick editing tips? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Recall NRC notices, say plea to Supreme Court

first_imgA group of 131 academics, intellectuals, professionals and civil society leaders in Assam have sought rescheduling of hearings for National Register of Citizens applicants who have been issued notices to have their citizenship documents re-verified within a very short time.In an appeal to the Supreme Court, which has been monitoring the NRC updating exercise, the 131 signatories said the “sudden, suspicious and mischievous” notices have created panic among a section of the people who were included in the draft NRC published on July 30, 2018.“The people of Assam have been supporting the NRC updating process and participating in the hearings and verifications, sometimes even by paying huge costs in terms of time, energy and financial resources. Nevertheless, they are ready to go through any verification whenever required for the greater interest of an error-free and just NRC,” said the appeal to Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi submitted to the court’s Registrar on Tuesday.‘Panicky situation’“However, we would like to draw your kind attention regarding the panicky situation created by suspicious and mischievous notices served to NRC applicants for reverification by the NRC authority in Assam. Now notices are being served to people and they are asked to go in far-flung areas with a short notice of one or two days,” the appeal reads.Also Read Protest against NRC reverification notices  “The people of Assam in general and people living in riverine areas in particular have experienced one of the worst floods in recent years. They are struggling to cope with the losses and many of them are still living in temporary relief camps. Under such circumstances, if these people are asked to attend the NRC hearing giving them just one or two days and summoned to 500-600 km away from their homes, there is little doubt that a large number of them wouldn’t be able to attend the hearings,” the signatories said.‘At least a week’They asked the court to direct the NRC authority to reschedule the hearing either within the district or within adjoining districts and provide at least a week’s time so that the applicants could attend the hearing and complete the process within the August 31 deadline.“Kindly direct the NRC authority to make the notice available on the Internet along with the physical serving so that people living in other States can also access the same and attend the hearing accordingly,” the signatories said, also seeking instruction to the district administration to provide basic transport facilities in the greater interest of an error-free and fair NRC.last_img read more