Sales promotion methods commonly used apartment

do a good job apartment, I understand, first of all to have a good product, followed by a variety of means to promote. You can refer to this year’s unripe hotel website operation good apartment as reference, to see if they are able to provide what services; proceed from the basis of accommodation, to other information such as provide recruitment and employment guidance and so on, every step is orderly, infrastructure is not perfect, the other is futile, after all, is a student to find shelter. In addition, fire and emergency plans to do a good job, safety first, remember, remember……

customer analysis: looking for a job

this part of the group, with a dream to ideal city job, we can provide is relatively cheap and safe shelter, help them to solve the temporary difficulties, the general customer requirements is not high, as long as you can meet the following conditions: safe, cheap and clean. In addition to providing easy job seekers equipment will be more popular, such as computers, printers, etc., the current number of job seekers posted a recent job fair information and personal guidance to the interview is also very worthy of promotion.

below I have listed some of the commonly used methods to promote the sale of apartments, I hope to inspire you.

A, free network promotion

1 personal website SEO (search engine optimization)

This part summarizes the master

too much, I do not even here, my understanding of SEO is: the user first, to the search engine; not cheating, not the accumulation of keywords; description of nature; internal and external connection clear, clear structure; the content is king, support the original (at least not completely copied)

2 alliance website promotion method

can work with different regions of the apartment to exchange advertising resources, common development. It was not a hero, a person’s energy and time after all, therefore, ability and cleverness is too small to borrow the external force. Several owners together to reach consensus.

3 blog / space promotion

to build a blog / space for promotion, often write articles, to have content, do not seem to be advertising.

4 forum to promote

to the relevant industry website posting, careful, often will be IP.

5.QQ group promotion

crazy and QQ group, promotion, to be able to stand the humiliation, kick, but the general effect is not recommended.

6 Q & a website promotion method.

in a number of knowledge classes, know the web site, to answer other people’s questions. Or ask the answer, pay attention to propriety, a website not every day more than 5.

if some methods do not work for free. As long as the appropriate price, go out, you can recover two, may wish to pay to promote. Willing to give up, do not give up will run back.


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