How to quickly promote the search engine to search their own station

I do not know what search optimization website promotion, and so on, but I will use my old methods to promote my station

1 site after landing Jones on your website, you can use some software if the software has the word group.

2 go to GOOGLE and Baidu submit your site

3 go to some BLOG sites to apply for a BLOG post on your website, such as SINA, CFAN

4 group information on QQ

5 and others to do more than friendship connection, just began to link some of the better, regardless of the other side of the site are mostly small.

6 to find, and so there are a lot of self-help connection, 

7 to all of you familiar with the need to log in to write e-mail. There are a number of new sites that are also attached to the mail, received an email, they immediately put on the.

8 Baidu search, free to log on, log on to the site, including the site add.asp  and then reported

and I want to communicate to my BLOG

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