The application for mobile application Agricole set off a wave of health

at present, mobile phone application and Tencent housekeeper joint commitment to the implementation of the third party payment mechanism for mobile phone applications, in order to protect users from viruses or secret information costs loss in the interests in the process of downloading the application. This is the first application platform for users to provide such protection and measures, which instantly triggered a public opinion boom in the mobile security industry

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as everyone knows, because of its open source and by many app store’s favor, such as market access, Android Market, security market, AppChina- machine application exchange, bus shop and many other market shelves on Android intelligent mobile phone client. Along with the development of more and more third party application of market resources, the rise of mobile virus is exposed and the user privacy information! According to Tencent, mobile security laboratory data show that about 1 million 200 thousand of the Andriod mobile phone users have suffered a malicious virus, the amount of loss caused by more than 14 million yuan.

of course, in addition to the user mobile application store "kidnapping information" has suffered economic losses, the biggest risk is recently Android system is a very serious outbreak of this code overflow, it could allow malicious software to force the extra system running a large number of users from the control process, thereby increasing the risk coefficient of the DoS attack, the terminal into a brick. Although Google has tested and identified the existence of such a vulnerability, but the relevant repair measures have not been officially announced.

face the overflow vulnerability of Android systems, I believe many people are afraid to use Android smart phones, let alone to download mobile applications. That’s what it used to be, but it’s different now. Because the application of the joint Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, can detect vulnerabilities, repair, to ensure that mobile phone users can safely and effectively download resources. This is tantamount to sink for the application to provide consumers with a powerful guarantee of environmental safety, security exchange and interactive applications closer to the consumers without a gap, the application relative to other businesses, is experiencing.

someone may ask, since feel has done very well in security, then why application exchange also jointly launched a user double compensation mechanism of Tencent, the source control is not on the line? I think there are two reasons:

(1) to protect the interests of consumers to maximize mobile applications

Although the application of

exchange external environment set up a Tencent mobile phone housekeeper security barrier, very powerful but as everyone knows, the Internet every time there will be a new virus, but also has the uncertainty of time, so even if there is a powerful Tencent mobile phone housekeeper to do security, there will inevitably be short of application of virus resources. The application exchange launched a double compensation mechanism, in order to protect the mobile application is to maximize the interests of consumers, you use the exchange application download resources, no matter when, as long as with the virus, after verification, you can receive double compensation! So intimate service claims, in sum.

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