Reflect the core competitiveness of millet tore the nternet last mile


out of mobile phone hardware to compete with marketing over the dead end, millet is actually the real competition in the Internet penetration to the traditional world trend, with the hardware open Internet "last mile".

February 9, 2013, new year’s Eve, millet company’s advertising appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival gala. As early as in October a year ago, the news broke millet has won the CCTV Spring Festival New Year Package "ads, indeed, appear during the Spring Festival," hey hey "advertising, millet millet company became the first generation mobile phone released from the start, peak marketing time.

people will be regarded as a marketing company millet, at least is very understanding of the marketing company. Cumulative, slow overweight in the mobile phone yield only under the condition of three-dimensional marketing first, marketing case through the conference, limited panic buying F code and all kinds of creative, has achieved good effect.

millet 2012 fiscal year 7 million 190 thousand mobile phone shipments and sales of 12 billion 600 million yuan, is not a small marketing service. But at the end of 2013 3, after "lock up" storm of the successive rounds of open purchase millet box, were sold out, with enough good product support, millet marketing will continue to play its power.

also said that at the end of millet is a mobile phone manufacturer, the level of marketing aside, millet real core competitive products only a millet mobile phone, and the core competitiveness of the millet mobile phone still can not jump, CPU screen, batteries and other hardware competition real. Many practices millet, such as offline services, operators, in fact, is the practice of traditional mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone site grab space.

if the millet is really just a marketing company or a mobile phone company, the imagination of millet, it is so far.

cul de sac

In early March the closing of the

MWC (Mobile World Congress), the Qualcomm Corp released the latest snapdragon Snapdragon series processor, including 800 series high-end is clocked at 2.3GHz 4 core chip, 600 time series is the highest frequency 1.9GHz 4 core chip.

if not surprisingly, before paragraph 4 (mobile phone millet 1, 1S, 1S and youth version 2) using Qualcomm chips millet, will no doubt in the August 2013 launch of millet 3, by 2.3GHz, 4 core snapdragon 800 series, and then the significant bits of information on the official website of millet set aside a year.

if the first year of this play will make people excited, to third years, if millet will hardware is mainly CPU as their first marketing highlights, it will make people feel a dull.

screen, battery, too, bright enough to use one or two times, but unbearable

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