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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 6th news, following the Amazon Kindle flagship store in 2014 settled in Tmall, Amazon’s flagship store has quietly settled Tmall mall. This time, Amazon will be among its cross-border electricity supplier, direct imports of mining business part of the Tmall flagship store.

in early June 2013, there is news that Amazon to promote global BD responsible for Chinese region for people to communicate with Tmall top secret meeting, to explore the possibility of cooperation with Tmall and Amazon in. 2014 double 11 period, the official launch of Tmall’s official flagship store in Kindle.

Amazon sells imported food, shoes, toys and kitchenware at Tmall’s stores. Amazon store is just one of many businesses selling branded products to Chinese shoppers over the Internet by Tmall.

Although the Amazon

active commitment to the Alibaba, but this does not mean that Amazon bow. On the contrary, in terms of cross-border electricity supplier, Amazon has a greater ambition. The reason is very simple, as a multinational retail giant, Amazon in the global supply chain and procurement system is very perfect, once the cross-border process can be opened, Amazon China will usher in a turnaround.

last year, Amazon China in cross-border business high-profile advance, also has dazzling performance, the launch of cross-border business mail, overseas purchase, import direct mining and international boutique.

Analysis of

industry sources, Tmall mall has a huge market share, according to the Chinese electronic commerce research center monitoring data, as of June 2014, Tmall mall retail market accounted for 57.4% of the Chinese B2C network, while Amazon China accounted for only 1.5%. Amazon stationed in Tmall is actually the development of its own traffic, is a normal choice.

industry insiders believe that with the independent B2C have joined the platform linkage changes the entire electricity supplier ecological chain will have to price war to win the attention of the electricity supplier industry, nature will gradually shift to consumer goods, multi-channel access to personalized service.

from the electricity supplier stationed another electricity supplier, which is not the first. Back in 2012 Dangdang will be 800 thousand categories of books, and about 300000 kinds of department stores, while settled in Tmall. 2013 Gome online and Tmall officially reached a strategic cooperation, the United States in the form of the official flagship store to Tmall to introduce the core home appliance category resources.

but this is the foreign electricity supplier leading into the domestic leading electricity supplier, can see the development of the electricity supplier, should not blindly is competition, and cooperation, hope to have more cooperation between the business, is to bring consumers more affordable options.

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