True the first life of classified information website

      success story of classified information network of the United States Craigslist, hard to stimulate a number of imitators, classified information website on the Internet such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the ground.
      classified information network more like "media life", is to provide food and clothing to live with friends, job, such as supply and demand information to the ordinary people of the platform. The authenticity of the information has naturally become the standard of choice for the people, but also become the survival and development of classification information network. "Craigslist is the most important core of the network platform to release information authenticity." Howard, a leading new media research expert, Rheingold has come up with the secret of its success.
      but it is the most critical point, the most easily overlooked. We have too many entrepreneurs to ignore the success of Craigslist is based on the United States to improve the integrity of the social system and strive to information on the basis of authenticity. "Is it true or false?" "What brand?" This is the voice of the user to view the classification of the site, rather than to change the user’s habits, it is better to ensure the authenticity of the information for the user. The founder of Craigslist Craig Newmark to remove malicious advertising as an important work, the work about 10 hours each day a customer service representative for the most happy thing is his team to achieve a technological breakthrough in the prevention, detection and remove malicious advertising, false information.
      now most classified information network by the user login and free release information, this is called "from China, information collection and processing methods for the people", the information integrity concept, lack of site monitoring means incomplete audit under the current situation, it was just used, resulting in a false information spread. Once on the user, it will be difficult to have a sense of trust on the site.
      according to the "investigation report" the integrity of the 3.15 Chinese Internet classification information results: up to 67% of Internet users believe that the Internet is now a general lack of credibility letter classification. Internet users for the loss of confidence in the classification of network information, the healthy development of the entire industry is fatal.
      58 city, soso guest, such as word of mouth network has obtained high attention to capital classification information bigwigs, in the classification of the authenticity of information on security make a fuss.

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