Taobao alliance or reopen Cross shop Amoy settlement rights income is expected to double

before the webmaster circle revealed that Taobao passenger platform Ali mother’s will in the near future to open Tmall cross store settlement authority. Insiders revealed that the current Taobao customers in the first batch has been screened out more than 400 sites in line with the list, these sites will be the first batch of new Tmall access to the right to settle the store.

in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the promotion after Taobao customers, Taobao Tmall alliance in the years to promote during the low-key opened a Tmall big promotion domain ( under the guest promotion cross shop settlement authority, there are more than 40000 sites received the relevant authority. Many guest said, to promote the activities of the new authority because during the opening, at least more than 30% upgrade.

Taobao alliance official said Tmall years to promote cross shop settlement during the opening of the only requirement is right, layout and use of "Amoy gold" component. The sources said that the Tmall settlement authority website Cross shop is the use of the JS code, Amoy gold cloth website, the foreseeable future as long as the use of Amoy gold components, Tmall will have the opportunity to get cross shop settlement authority qualification.

Cross shop settlement is an important source of income once Taobao customers, as long as the "Tmall Cross shop settlement authority, Taobao customers in the promotion of the Tmall website after the buyer Click to enter the Tmall home page, Tmall to enter other shop can settlement Commission this pattern, will directly affect the level of income of Taobao customers. At the end of last year, Ali mother put the Cross shop into the "Amoy gold settlement", while improving the audit standards, the majority of Taobao customers can not be approved to get the permission, income has shrunk dramatically.

reporter learned from a number of senior Taobao customers understand that Taobao customers once Tmall Cross shop settlement authority, revenue will grow at least 50%-100%, the Taobao alliance to open Tmall Cross shop settlement authority, coupled with the launch of new products and new penalty deduction rules such as good news, or will once again set off a new round of "Taobao the guest" boom.

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