Ali mother hosted T grassroots webmaster conference held in Shanghai 12

Ma Yun West Lake books, a lot of people are very familiar with the kind of lofty sentiments and aspirations sway between laughing, once so many young people dumping, and the reality of the gap and so many grassroots webmaster can only stay in the stage of West Lake mountain to enjoy. But soon they will be the focus of the spotlight, because the 2008 first network event horn, will be sounded in the name of grassroots.

IT a lot of old people in this evaluation: "grassroots alone players, experts do flow, but not love together, not love friends, love is not commercial." In fact, they know where the grassroots owners do not love to communicate, but there is no way to communicate, you open a QQ, all over the country are greeting, but really wants to see a person, not in the coastal areas, is in Beijing and Shanghai, to go to at least two or three days, and the activities of each city is that a few. In the course of time, face, naturally lack face to face communication and communication.

in Shanghai in January 12th, a hosted by Ali mother in the 2008 grassroots webmaster general assembly, the first time will be pushed to the grassroots communication center, and the first session of the invited heavyweight grassroots receptionist: Donews producer Liu Ren, faceless grassroots financing master general manager Pang Shengdong, Long Hua Jun, grassroots old big brother figure king and so on are invited to participate in the event.

In 2007, with the fall of

as everyone knows, the decline of advertising alliance and SP, supporting grassroots webmaster channel revenue less, Google Advertising policy adjustment and Baidu’s restrictions included, make the problem more one disaster after another. So how to make better money in 2008, is a grassroots concern, and this has become the central issue of grassroots webmaster conference. The guests on the grass root culture, and the development trend of the Internet, the website profit model, website promotion and other grassroots are concerned about the hot topic in-depth analysis and discussion, to listen to the guest operating experience in the Internet, mining grassroots website business model, on 2008 the grassroots webmaster how to profit.

as one of the organizers of the conference, Ali mother not only is a sponsor of the conference, but also in the conference keynote speech, and the grassroots webmaster together to explore how to provide more powerful support and help from more aspects to grassroots webmaster. Ali mother not only hope the conference is a grassroots event, hope it can shoulder the responsibility of grass-roots growth, like the previous West Lake mountain, Ali mother hopes grassroots conference, is actually a station in the perspective of grassroots heroes. The first Internet Conference in 2008, is on the name of the grassroots stage, it means that 2008 is not only China years, the Olympic year, will be the rise of grassroots and the rapid development of the year, then, let us look forward to meeting the smooth opening.

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