Focus on Shanghai a special report on network marketing

Author: Green search network ( manager   Zhou Huaming



Question time

turn, the first question is a cosmetics website, the person in charge is a fashion MM, she said that in order to promote their website, every month for 3000 yuan in the 265 split advertising website alliance, from the current situation, the website traffic did indeed increase, but every 1000 IP did not make a single business, increase her sense of your IP flow did not increase significantly driven website profit, why the popularity of the site is up, the profit has not increased significantly? Director Chen said that the small website can have a fixed large enterprises, large enterprises annual advertising budget, their main goal of advertising is to enhance the corporate image and visibility of advertising and corporate profits can be considered separately. Small and medium-sized websites should make good use of every penny, especially a strong professional website, with popularity based propaganda strategy is not scientific, the target customers must be accurate, he suggested that the cosmetics website should consider a change of strategy, such as putting women forum and so on target customer focused website, although the price may offset expensive, but the effect will be better.

the above problems came to an end, and someone asked a question, they are a very professional website, but also very bad, ask if you can try to buy keywords Baidu all of this industry, to rapidly improve the visibility of the site?

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