5 years later the war CCTV counterattack nternet history

Author: whale uncle

open from the Internet era, the network seems to have lost the official voice.


Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, the four major portals always occupy the position of the mouthpiece of the Internet, in order to maintain the state of "ideology" as the central media, although the loneliness spread ground, but have been unable to maintain the previous dominance.

someone said: "CCTV today will undoubtedly have passive multi-layered reasons: the ideology of traditional media generally encountered in this era, the problem of the CCTV system as strong as iron, management is particularly strict problems, a very good day that the lack of sense of crisis problem, many people is not good with the team…… As the world’s most tragic tragedy, the tragedy is not good was destroyed, but that, when a once beautiful, powerful things are increasingly undermine, no one claimed responsibility, but people can’t seem to blame for a single person or a hand."

how to counterattack the mainland Internet, has become the core proposition of cctv.


the monopoly of resources, violence

CCTV first thought is a monopoly, and the core is the copyright. And for its own authority extremely confident CCTV, naturally embarked on the road of the Internet media, CCTV’s China network television on December 27, 2009 formally launched on the night.

CCTV with the existing brand, the development of its website early fairly smooth, but in the overall operating strategy, and no bold open arms, exclusive monopoly of the 2010 World Cup CNTV will this feature most incisive. Although with the world cup broadcast monopoly, CNTV brand gained greater exposure on the network, but unfortunately, short-term bursting did not return long-term dividends, after the world cup traffic decline can hardly be avoided.

in the information sharing of the Internet era, with the monopoly of violence with violence, and is not a good choice. Subsequently, the CCTV closed in the Internet platform began to integrate more partners to jointly operate some industrial channels.

2011-2012 real opening begins with social media

at any meal from micro-blog after the fire. Then the official institutions gradually in "micro-blog", "WeChat", the "people’s Daily" positive feedback and Hu Xijin in micro-blog’s "naughty" the more attracted mainstream media interest.

16:21 on March 7, 2012, on the "Jing Yidan" as the representative, to show "Sina" micro interview forwarded this micro-blog, the current micro-blog can be recorded in the CCTV news @ first micro-blog, one and a half years later, 10 million 700 thousand fans accumulated has become the most valuable "CCTV

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