Adsense network broadcast WeChat five year old growth history Amoy brand man can do under the line

introduction: WeChat is a step by step development, perfect function, now has a history of five years, but WeChat history five years this is? Do you know


1 application number or WeChat into the Internet operating system  

recently, there are a lot of people who want to force into the O2O consulting me about App or service number choice. In recent years, WeChat open class Zhang Xiaolong seems to provide third solutions – WeChat application number. So what is this WeChat application number as an enterprise, the best choice for the development of online services and what is it?

service number vs App

let’s put aside is still foggy "application" aside, for now, the use of enterprise services for WeChat and APP or even, according to local conditions to choose.

service number main Competitiveness: low cost, short cycle, seamless update, promotion simple

2 former Tencent employees how to comment on the weakness of WeChat’s father Zhang Xiaolong?  

Zheng Quanzhan: Jobs is a genius. But I’m not sure he’s a great man. Great men have a positive influence on the evolution of society, not the secular GDP, but spiritual improvement.

in this article, Zhang Xiaolong, a former colleague of the mention of the weaknesses of the product in the area of Zhang Xiaolong, wrote a little bit of meaning, the idea of the Internet to find out and share with friends.

Zheng Quanzhan: China’s Internet is not great. Good products can not give users psychological burden. WeChat’s strong viscosity, slowly transformed into human control. This addiction, the use of the human heart of the "ego" to meet, but for the higher level of the "spirit of the self" is not nourished.

3 WeChat is five years old let’s see how it grew up  

January 22nd, is WeChat’s five year old birthday, as China’s most popular App applications, let us see how it grew up.

October 2010: development phase

, a southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, is a long way from Tencent Inc’s Shenzhen headquarters, but in an office there, a small team is working to develop a mobile chat application.

2011, January 21st: Tencent Inc released an instant messaging App application

in fact, five years ago, the Tencent is Chinese social media giant, they have a style similar to MSN chat software QQ, but also the social network QQ space exclusive (the number of active users has reached 780 million), but when they released the mobile instant messaging application, do not cause >

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