Firefox don’t know how far we can go we miss this once broke the darkness of the product

lost the biggest customer, missed the move, Firefox has no chance. But it can not erase the contribution it has made

"we don’t have any business relationship with Google anymore." Mozilla business and legal officer Dixon Thaye said. This means that the company behind the Firefox browser lost its ten year of the main source of funding – the default use of Google search authorization fee.

, however, Mozilla says he’s still alive. Google lost $300 million a year, while YAHOO, Baidu has made up the location of the Google. At the same time, Firefox browser launched last month on iPhone.

but Mozilla doesn’t look optimistic at all. Firefox version of the iPhone launch too late, this is the eighth year of iPhone, Firefox browser on the mobile phone market share of less than 0.5%, has long been attributed to other categories of statistical agencies.

was once a brilliant desktop market, today is occupied by the Google Chrome. This summer launched the Windows 10 directly to the user’s default browser started to become Microsoft’s own scratch Edge.

announced in 2012 Firefox OS mobile operating system, has long been no sound.

regardless of the laptop, or smart phones, today’s Internet access has no Firefox what. Mozilla has to create miracles to save the project.

but that doesn’t prevent us from paying tribute to a company that has changed the browser and even the internet. No matter you today with Chrome, IE, or the transformation of the various China Internet Corporation browser, which will not be able to open Firefox function.


in the dark ages all rule, is the first point of the final Firefox Internet Explorer incineration fire.

Firefox before the Internet world

1994, a Netscape (Netscape) company founded in Silicon Valley. In the era of the Internet is still in its early years, it quickly became the name of the browser has become the entrance of the internet. And it’s a paid software.

but only after a year, Microsoft Internet Explorer (hereinafter referred to as IE) was born. The so-called first browser war started here.

in two years, IE has become and

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