The red flag to 18 million to challenge Microsoft system or history

red flag struggling to make new progress.

June 27th, the red flag announced that the company intends to open the way to transfer all registered trademarks of the company, all software copyrights and other assets, the assets of the reserve price of 18 million yuan.

domestic operating system vendors in the red flag has begun the process of asset sales. 18 million yuan is precisely the sum of the total wage arrears in the red flag.

in June 30th, said the red flag Marketing Manager Fan Hongguang accepted the twenty-first Century economic report interview: "18 million yuan just court auction price, bidding auction results may have two kinds, one is not for 18 million yuan bid, two is equal to or greater than the sale price of 18 million yuan." Fan Hongguang has left the red flag last year, in a software company.

Said the chairman of the

Chinese red union He Weijia received the twenty-first Century economic report interview with reporters: "the court auction has a time limit during the creditors (mainly employees) and the debtor (red flag company) may solve the problem privately negotiated, which eventually zhongkehongqi assets may not be sold."


began the auction

He Weijia said that through the auction, the final outcome of the red flag assets there are three possibilities, first, institutions, such as the red flag before the customer; the three is an individual; red flag staff is two.

sources, there are a few companies have the intention to start bidding, in which the higher voices include China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, the dawn of companies.

red flag software copyright is mainly red flag Linux operating system. In history, there are two main red flag products, in addition to the red flag Linux operating system, the other is a red flag Office. A few years ago, the red flag Office has been sold to China at present, this product has disappeared from the market.

in addition to the red flag software copyright, other assets, including computers, office supplies, car companies, all of these assets to 18 million yuan reserve price auction.

in addition to the above assets, Fan Hongguang believes that there are two aspects of the red flag assets: first, the brand, the customer base is two. Products based on brand and customer base is valuable.

to sell the red flag staff seems to be a good program. He Weijia believes that the possibility of red flag sold to employees is basically equal to zero:

before the end of last year’s bankruptcy liquidation, the majority of shareholders have been recommended by the employees to take the company’s assets. Part of the staff agreed, some employees do not agree. Most of the employees agreed to stay in the company’s employees, the company hopes for the future. Employees who refuse to do so have both left – behind employees and employees who leave the company, especially those who have already found a new job.

this program must face a result: as long as there is a different employee >

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