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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 10th news, Celestica fund and Alibaba every time the hand has attracted much attention. The last is the common development of the balance of treasure to sell the fund, this is Celestica fund capital increase to "sell" equity. Yesterday evening, has been suspended for a day of Inner Mongolia Junzheng announcement that Alipay parent company of Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd registered capital invested 1 billion 180 million yuan to subscribe Celestica fund, after the completion of the transaction Zhejiang Alibaba will hold 51% equity Celestica fund, as the controlling shareholder of the latter.


this subscription, Zhejiang Ali will subscribe for 4.5 yuan per day price of Celestica fund capital contribution of $1, a total subscription of $262 million 300 thousand. It is understood that the Zhejiang Ali holds a 100% stake in Alipay, so this subscription is actually Alipay Holdings Celestica fund. The subscription price, Alipay this time to subscribe for a total cost of 1 billion 180 million yuan, after the capital injection will hold a 51% stake in Celestica, became the controlling shareholder.

in June this year, Alipay launched a fund balance of treasure, become one of the leading domestic Internet banking boom set off. More than half a month’s time, the balance of treasure gathered 2 million 500 thousand users, a total of 6 billion 600 million transferred funds, while Celestica fund is the only partner of the balance of treasure. For Celestica, Alipay in the C (personal client) is its powerful ability undoubtedly gather dust. In cooperation with Alipay, Celestica fund is an unknown small fund, but now, people familiar with the size of the balance of treasure has nearly 50 billion yuan, among the forefront of the field of fund. "By Alipay, Celestica fund from rags." A fund in the field of such evaluation, if the traditional way, it is difficult to do so for several years. Many small fund companies, many years without growth or even shrink."

cooperation in the balance of treasure, users can buy Celestica fund in Alipay’s currency products. That is to say, Alipay here only as a payment and sales channel, design and development is not involved in the specific fund products. Previously, the balance of treasure being disputed: Although the official explanation, Celestica fund is direct, Alipay does not involve the sale link, just as the intermediate account direct payment and settlement, but the outside world that the balance of treasure in walking a fine line, equivalent to disguise sales fund. Alipay is now the parent company holding Celestica fund, the future can work in just ways engaging in the fund business.

the Alipay parent company holding Celestica fund also means that Alipay in the fund industry will no longer satisfied with the only channel role, but in the actual operations of the fund. Has over 700 million registered users, Alipay will no doubt, because of the powerful C end strength and become a new force in the fund industry should not be underestimated.

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