Hunan investigated more than 1 thousand cases involving WeChat MLM

recently, Hunan City, Changsha industrial and commercial departments to investigate and deal with the case of WeChat mlm. After investigation, the companies involved in the organization of the WeChat team to carry out hierarchical marketing process, take the team paid way to sell the products of the company, the more than 1 thousand people involved in this MLM "circle of friends", involving millions of yuan amount. Currently, the business sector has asked the company to immediately stop the illegal act and impose a fine of 500 thousand yuan.

it is understood that the end of February this year, the company launched WeChat marketing platform, sales of Maca, liquor, wine, tea, mask and other products. The provisions to promote policies and joining mode, the individual purchase of 398 yuan tea mask or not less than 398 yuan of other products, the company has become a personal ID derivative. By way of sharing links in the circle of friends, according to the 1 development of the fission of the way to the development of the so-called "one branch", "two branches", "the three branches", "the 30 branch"". The higher level of micro business according to the direct subordinate sales performance 20% and indirect subordinate sales performance of 10% to get remuneration.

investigators through the investigation found that the company to join the WeChat user in accordance with the share order stratified model between levels of derivative form offline relationships, sales of fixed percentage and on-line compensation from the line, in accordance with the regulations prohibit marketing team paid "pyramid.

Hunan provincial industrial and commercial administration bureau of the person in charge, the current marketing means ever-changing patterns, network marketing is in WeChat, micro business platform engaged in marketing activities, means of hype, show off the rich, such as advocating a year to buy a BMW car, are tricked into the circle of friends in the relatives and friends, for this kind of pyramid schemes need to be vigilant.