Pass class network adhere to do teaching platform to look forward to more stronger peers


[Sohu IT news] a lot of online education companies, the lessons are very low profile, with the lessons of CEO Wang Haiming and President of the words of Wang Feng is a class is a favorite to do things like the company". Pass the class into the public view is more due to the rumors of Tencent shares of the company, Sohu IT recently visited the class network, and the topic is also spread by the founder of the team and the financing situation.

it is reported that the class network in 2011 in November 11th on-line. Wang Haiming described the lesson is a brother of entrepreneurship, there are 4.5 founders, and the other half is the founder of the network class angel investor Liu Ren.


class is a total of three times of financing: Liu Ren’s personal angel investment institutions, amoebic capital angel investment, and Bertelsmann Asia dollar fund A round of investment. Currently more than 60% stake is still in the hands of the founding team. End of last year to the beginning of this year, the network is indeed a class with Tencent has repeatedly contact, not only Tencent, as well as other strategic investors.

do not do the content of the course network

said Wang Haiming Chuan class model is the online education platform to provide one-stop service, with release courses, curriculum trading, online interactive electronic classroom, video course solutions, online FAQ, online payment almost all online delivery services required. The reason for allowing users to publish their own curriculum design, because the platform is willing to give more autonomy to teachers and educational institutions. The next step will be to improve the course network search service, so that users can make a more relaxed choice.

"firmly do content" is Wang Haiming repeatedly stressed to Sohu IT information, in his opinion, pass class is a completely online education platform, to provide the necessary services for online teaching, and will not produce content.

"pure" is another key pass class, Wang Haiming to KTV which can also make up a missed lesson, but will not have the parents want to send their children to go to school as an example KTV. Call transmission network class will do a special education services company, not doping edge ball games and beautiful singing elements.

How to solve the three major problems of education platform

for the Sohu to do the teaching part of the existence of IT heavy operation, easy to be copied and the lack of profit point of three questions, pass class so answer:

1, pass the course of the network does not do content, the only consideration is how to use the Internet to enhance the service experience of the user experience.

"This is our

products of these good people, we often hear the teacher come from other platforms, but has not heard from pass class go into another platform", Wang Feng described the pass class quality of products and services. It is reported that 40% of the class teacher came to his class, the remaining teachers are mainly by the transfer of lessons from other platforms to attract the product.

and then New Oriental Education.