Last week China’s ten major nternet projects of concern the key to the wisdom of the 360 entertai

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[1] 365 good teacher – K-12 field of a pair of tutor docking platform


365 is a good teacher to try on a tutor docking platform in the field of K-12, through the integration of K-12 in the field of institutions and teachers and students tutoring resources, information, for both supply and demand matching and docking. Don’t fail to be in Tutorspree mode, burn the bridge after crossing it "by giving 90% teachers income ratio and the establishment of teacher honor system, the 365 seem to get rid of" flying "problems, as one to one tutoring docking platform for domestic become an independent school.

[2] key 360 – shortcut button


this button supports more than 4 Android system, and Pressy looks like, almost the fast button, you need to download the 360 key App, in App, the only one of the 360 key function mode: click. Therefore, the use of 360 keys, each can only choose one mode, or flashlight, or a key to accelerate, or Flash lights. Double click support, but the situation is out of double click options, users can quickly switch to other functions.

[3] personalized reading to enjoy the record


this is a personalized reading content to provide mobile app, and select a new perspective to interpret the personalized reading". Using Google model to reconstruct personalized content. Kyoshi has a system called "keyword graph", and Google on the Internet by calculating the degree of correlation between the web pages and pages to recommend similar, can be calculated between the key words and key words in the article. The strength of the relationship through these to the strength of the relationship between the related content of sorting, and according to the order of readers recommended strong relevance content. At the same time, due to the characteristics of time, the key words can be changed according to the content of the network and the user’s reading behavior, so as to constantly adjust to personalized reading experience for each reader.

[4] entertainment treasure – let fans buy insurance investment movie


entertainment treasure is Ali’s attempt to Internet banking. The entertainment treasure is to raise the public entertainment can make money or insurance?? in fact, is a treasure entertainment options investment products, the expected annual yield and related purchase regulations, users purchase the entire project cost less than 1000 yuan, the annual income is only 70 yuan. But entertainment treasure to achieve cross-border innovation insurance and entertainment.

[5] everyone Express – City crowdsourcing express mode