About Google AdSense is still not being paid

Google often do AdSense webmaster should know, AdSense background in general monthly 25 days began to show "good luck, payment is" 26 days to receive salary from last month, almost luck also number 28 or so you can draw money, but also the latest 30. Although in recent years, occasional payment delays, the official also explained that due to technical problems caused by payment agencies.

today, many Adsense QQ group where the author, many users in the discussion of AdSense payment problems, the careful attention, most of the webmaster AdSense accounts are not "under payment", the first time to contact the relevant person in charge of domestic Google AdSense to understand the relevant circumstances.

below is a simple dialogue between the author and the AdSense team members:

straw: this month’s AdSense payment later than ever before, as there is still no display "payment" prompt, many owners are very concerned about this issue, do not transfer and is currently being tested by the bank payment system has a certain relationship with


AdSense responsible person: payment delays and bank transfer payment system does not matter.

straw: what is the reason for this delay in payment? Can you give me an explanation,


AdSense: just ask the relevant responsible person responsible for the payment of his colleagues, is not to the end of the month, payment time is not delayed. Also did not receive a notice that the background has BUG, so please let us wait patiently.

webmaster things to know is: the PIN code and the payment of these things is still the headquarters of the United States, the so-called payment delay, the domestic AdSense group has not received the relevant notification, so it should be in the past two days, Google will complete the payment of commission, please wait patiently for the webmaster.