Alexa Chinese website to jump to the English master station


Alexa Chinese station jump to WWW English home page. (TechWeb with


[TechWeb] reported on December 8th news, according to friends broke the news, from the beginning of November this year, visit the Alexa Chinese station ( will jump to English station (, mean Alexa Chinese station has been closed.

Alexa is a website dedicated to the world rankings, founded in April 1996 (USA). Alexa every day on the Internet to collect more than 1000GB of information, given the billions of Web site links, Alexa web for each of the sites were ranked.

data show that in 1999, Alexa was acquired by Amazon, a wholly owned subsidiary of the latter. In the spring of 2002, Alexa gave up his search engine and turned to Google.

in early 2010, Alexa launched the official website of the Chinese language, into the Chinese market.

it is worth noting that the webmaster home to provide Alexa Chinese information inquiry station, the current normal access and provide query services. (E)

relevant information:

What is


Alexa is to publish a ranking of the world’s Web site and eye-catching, URL address is In fact, the site’s search engine is also very easy to use, but the site ranking is the main reason it attracts the eye. Internet started with the site navigation Alexa was founded in April 1996, their purpose is to allow Internet surfers to share virtual world resources, while more involved in the organization of resources. May 2002 Alexa abandoned its search engine and Google cooperation.

Alexa website ranking

Alexa world rankings are mainly divided into two categories: comprehensive ranking can also be called absolute ranking, that is, a specific site in all the rankings in the about 35000000000 sites. Alexa announced a new website rankings every three months. This ranking is based on the number of user links (Users Reach) and the number of page views (Page Views) cumulative geometric average of three months.

factors affecting Alexa website traffic ranking

1, Alexa Toolbar adoption rate in different parts of the world, by the user’s language, geographical, cultural and other aspects of the impact. Therefore, compared with other language web site, the amount of data is easier to fill