The ten year old beauty life Night bursts of WeChat brand

[Reuters] the state power seems to night, can see the ten year old beauty mask brand figure in WeChat, micro-blog in various social channels, a large number of recruitment agency information, consumers after use, of course also involves many voices of doubt.

, the ten year old beauty emerge out of thin air as if covered with a layer of mystery, is difficult to ascertain the details of the outside world. To this end, the state power grid further ten year old beauty camp, with founder Wu Bin’s remarks and chat, gradually understand the life of the ten year old beauty.


one hundred million hard hit market embarrassment on

ten year old beauty at the beginning of 2013 officially entered the market, a year after the sales reached 4 hundred million. This is the result of Wu Bin did not expect, although their products have great confidence, but did not expect such a rapid outbreak.

in fact, although Wu Bin has rich experience in business, but had not been engaged in the cosmetics industry, do not have any relevant contacts. As a cosmetics brand emerging at the beginning of 2013, ten year old beauty is difficult to quickly stationed in major shopping malls and other offline channels, only in Beijing Cade MALL Sun Palace opened a special counter.

March 2013, ten year old beauty in Cade MALL sun palace official business, the first month sales of less than 10 thousand, second months is only about 20 thousand. As the market for ten year old beauty entirely unfamiliar, sales growth is slow, poor sales is difficult to support the ten year old beauty behind the whole system of investment.

at the end of 2012 to early 2013, ten year old beauty has recruited three marketing team, marketing plan is nothing more than investment advertising, celebrity endorsements, laying the line channels. Wu Bin believes that the traditional way to build the brand is too slow, and has been outdated, and now the brand is not only rely on money to build.

it is reported that the relevant research from 2000 onwards Wu Bin led research team of mask, before the ten year old beauty market has laid the foundation for more than ten years, a gold face cosmetics factory has production in Guangzhou.

and in the ten year old beauty market, the company has prepared a one hundred million yuan of funds. Wu Bin said: "the ten year old beauty is neither industry nor the brand based foundation, but also expand the traditional store is a very difficult thing, need analysis of location, location, consumer groups. In accordance with the traditional way to build a lot of money to invest in the brand, one hundred million yuan is also difficult to really occupy the market."

foreign sales is expanding, the internal development direction is also difficult to determine, during that time, ten year old beauty has a huge backlog of goods. However, at this moment, the ten year old beauty is almost equally difficult to go on or retreat quietly ushered in a turning point.

free offering detonated WeChat fission

In view of the large number of

inventory, Wu Bin intended to be ten year old beauty mask free to friends around, especially in some fashion circle amy.

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