2000P to create a week to talk about alternative webmaster traffic planning

is it possible for 2000IP a week? Don’t spend money? Don’t promote it? I don’t believe it. I really didn’t believe it. I saw it myself. I believe

to tell the truth and you may experience than I did not write this we do not believe that I am writing this just to have eyes take things will observe people see I think this is the webmaster need most. I helped others to do the station but never managed to stand my webmaster age only half a month

I would like to talk about the next week is how to create a 2000IP problem

first introduced the next 2000 IP station www.41mm.cn

This station is not

me to tell the truth I do not do not standard website (my friend not to criticize his technology — not


first we can go to Baidu to find out how much he was included

if I’m not mistaken only 9 articles I have to say this is absolutely not to apply for his traffic from Baidu to

you can see the site to enter his site is how much time I remember correctly, it should be April 15th

so how did he do it in this period without any promotion but reached a few months to reach the number of


human propaganda? It’s impossible to put at least no one so stupid and no ads,

What does

depend on?

answer is: QQ bookmarks!

did you get it? I don’t know about the QQ bookmarks and listen to me

my friend said at the time he stood on the first day of the statistical traffic found his station more than and 100 IP has a flow of more than and 10 points from the QQ bookmarks

so he immediately point to the site of QQ bookmarks, found here included more than N sites, especially on the QQ space N, the basic stand half

so he chose his station, a place to feel very attractive, online non mainstream character font conversion, immediately to your QQ bookmarks collection in

and then sent to the group after 3 hours, he was surprised to find that there are actually 2000 people included his collection of bookmarks!

to the second day, the number of collections has more than 2W!

do not know QQ bookmarks may not believe but I would like to know more about QQ bookmarks should be very clear

he is similar to Baidu are included in the site is the difference between the things we can have a very short time in the latest included see

of course this time is very short >

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