What can we do on Blog

* trend has formed

      around 1995 in China, when you ask about your friends around, how many hours of your E-mail, maybe not a few people will say that they have used this "new thing"". Because at that time the domestic network is not yet fully popular, not to mention the popularity of E-mail. And when the time came in 2007, you can send a post on the Internet, do statistics, how many people have played Blog. The use of the answer may be very alarming, more or less will play a bit, especially after 80 generation. This is the popularity of the network brought about by a trend, this trend has been formed, the market has also developed, and quite mature. Almost every portal is doing Blog, each Blog are attracting a certain click rate, which is now in the domestic development trend of Blog.

* wants to do something on


      Blog developed, has become an inevitable trend, the next to consider what we can do in the Blog. We can not only up to a Banner ad on Blog, plus the "I" three words for it, so even the most primary users are not going to produce hits. So at the beginning of the people except in Blog plus some carefully designed Banner ads or ads in the surrounding fill blank, the move after suddenly found the add with the place seems not to have what can add, but the actual effect is not as good as expected, so people began to to think about the other way.

* can do a lot of

      soon Baidu began to use his search engine in the country to play a role in Blog. The search engine can search to Blog information for the Blog viewer is again good however, and many Blog Baidu yielded in the search to add advertising, so both for the convenience of visitors, and cheap themselves. This way to Baidu and Blog forged deep feelings". During this year’s May Day (4.27 ~ 5.13) Baidu in the space of Blog topic contest. Visible from Blog Baidu has tasted the sweetness of hope again in the Blog network space has made considerable development, after all Chinese Blog content for Chinese mobile search engine Baidu has a very great advantage, look behind the Google while in the world rankings, but this is only to catch up Chinese search.
      in addition to the use of search engines, as well as people think of a way to find out in the Blog. VOGATE is a text advertising >

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