Can make 8000 yuan this month

I do

for nearly 3 years, the real money is from the beginning of last year. I did not only earned 8000 yuan last month, talk about is not a leader, but would like to share the experience, we want to help.

web site is currently the highest record of 90 thousand IP, generally hovering around 60 thousand.

site registered users reached 560 thousand. (the reason for the promotion, the real user is less than this figure)

website profit: advertising revenue; user recharge

I focus on technology. Personally feel that it is difficult to make money technology, earn money is hard.

did the site before last year, wrote the program, almost all in the mix. But here I would like to thank my mother’s support, without her support, I will not have today.

accidentally got a piece of information from a friend last year (it’s not convenient to disclose it here). With their own experience, I think there is a head. That night, check the website. A look to know, almost no competition, in addition to the one or two sites are doing poorly or cheat IP website.

decided to do it a few days later, I think I have the ability to use this information to do this site. Instead of aimlessly looking for, also not line.

registered a good domain name, catchy. This is one of the important conditions to promote the success of the site.

I then from the Internet under the function of the most consistent with my idea of the site. On this basis, a few days to modify the site cone appeared. And bought a two lane space. Put the code, began to collect information. Just started to collect data manually, it is very troublesome, then the train with a lot easier to collect. I began to continue to improve the functionality of the site to increase user viscosity. My site’s comments are written according to the Admin5 review. It is fairly satisfied with finally put all sorts of things together.

because the site is not very perfect, so only submitted to Baidu website. There is no other promotion. Baidu began to include a few pages. Oh, I did not expect less than a month from a keyword to nearly 200 of the IP, the heart that cool ah. Later, show off to friends. The results of my friends that Baidu search less than my site, I was depressed… After the network is also a friend from where he can not visit my site. It is also determined that because of the space of the Netcom line problems, resulting in Netcom users can not access. Urged the customer service a few days to get this problem. Later, Baidu search also returned to normal, but a little slow update. After spending a lot of money to do a good job after the chain, included significantly improved rankings, a few words a day can bring a few thousand IP site.

web site to make money, I think to have two points: full information.

information is still relatively easy to do, write a collection of several templates for semi-automatic collection. >

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