Advertising dogs do not put advertising as the main industry

is monotone, partial eclipse, youth advertising? How can stay long? Don’t be afraid of dogs, advertising, now open your "slash" life! Any one can help you earn money, and expand the horizons of your life and occupation, you will refer to it as "the mentality of the industry"

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before 10 years in advertising and marketing company hunfan by little advertising skills to earn "veteran", with everyone to sell this view they have picked up the bowl to eat, put down the chopsticks to condemn the suspect. But, perhaps it is because I love the advertising business, the only experience more vital to its limitations and helpless.

first, I have to say, in China’s advertising industry is a bowl of rice, most people’s career life will not be too long. Why is it hard to build a sense of professional pride?. Just imagine, how many people are willing to at the age of 35 is secure only a copy, not to do 4A, CD!? how many people put on career goals from "make you proud of the creative project" into "must be in this company when the Director / the annual salary rose to XX million within two years after working for a few years



if the time bring growth just to make you numb and pragmatic followers crowd direction, and the advertising industry in addition to endless overtime, can not give you more welfare "". So, advertising as their main business, really worth it?

secondly, have to say, in China’s advertising industry is a bowl of rice, most of the peers at the age of 30 will experience the workplace crisis". Why is the enterprise’s understanding of the creative / professional "superficial"?". A second ago companies also think can do a H5 is a special cow X, the next seconds in arguing with you why write advertising copy manuscript can not be like the Reds from the media as 100 thousand + minutes reading? Have to cross every kind of demons and ghosts, and a 30 year old man what makes advertising companies think he is worth it, instead of using his salary hire 2 brain hole open after 95 little friends or direct outsourcing to the wonderful piece hand were



if you prove yourself can only rely on the value of the "I can do creative director", "I can help the company get international award, so your predicament is tantamount to the civil service exam, not only in the number of awards in the crush, also have the promotion according to status have a large coffee to go in front of comity. A wider range, not in 4A’s hands, the customer is well-known advertising or nouveau riche people seem to be the only occupation road will become narrower and narrower. So, advertising as their main business, really worth it?

again, have to say, the advertising industry this bowl of rice diet. If the creative colleagues expect to award for glory and performance, then the non creative advertising people? You in the job how to Party A enterprises to introduce yourself? "Put this product subway advertising is I talk.

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