Special skills site planning 5000P

1 is a very popular piece: register the name of the 5 QQ for the beauty of passion

(individuals in the experiment this QQ is very fire on average each QQ can bring 30 – 50IP)

may bring 150 – 200 ranging from ip

2 in the 3 yellow BBS registered account number of each forum account 2

(I found this is still quite effective in practice) can bring 450 – 600IP

3 in a number of small forum issued a number of posts or questions to answer, (I am in practice, such a forum can be a long time post does not sink, click on the probability of a long term) temporarily ignored ip

4 in Baidu ask to answer some questions or send some questions, to pay attention to the way you can let others to your website. 300IP hair every day not more than 3 to 5.

said. Better effect.

5 to a number of forums more popular forum or website posts to write the article 10 more prosperous community every day hair 2 – 3 classic posts. 200ip

6 blog is to participate in the look at someone else’s article back to the content to be sincere, 5 blogs, every day to send some articles, two articles on the line, see article 30 – 50 for each blog article, simple look back. Add url. 400IP

7 careful iP is k, is available.

specific reference site www.fytop.com this site is in the art is not very good, but in the promotion of a stroke above. Look at this site, will be able to benefit.

when the overall use of not more than half an hour, all get

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