90 Godfather Guo Jingming how to create a burst of youth products

from the writer to the magazine founder, to the director. In the evaluation system of business, Guo Jingming’s identity is a success. Guo Jingming knows how to run his own strengths, how to create a magazine from a famous writer, with the advantage of his audience, and then one of China’s most successful series of commercial films.

Guo Jingming understand what the audience wants, but also know what kind of products for their audience to create.

his product, called "Youth"

Guo Jingming is very clear taste complex, "you have no way to satisfy all the people, not for girls aged 20 and 40 year old middle-aged male audience the same aesthetic, so that your audience service is good, the commercial type of film is this," Guo Jingming said.

he hope that the future can be like the British director Christopher · Nolan (Christopher Johnathan James Nolan), to achieve both artistic and commercial, "but if you choose, I will choose the business end".

from the writer to the director, from the director to the merchant, from the merchant to the product manager, Guo Jingming’s three transformation, but also completed a "Youth" of the cultural products of standardized experiments. His youth will be standardized product experiments, but also in the ever-changing Chinese film industry has great significance. The rise of several major U.S. film company and cultural industry group, is the founder of success in "standard" on the road, such as Disney, DreamWorks and so on, which will be China scale of film and television industry the only way which must be passed.

his first novel "-" is the summer vacation in the university classroom overnight finished in January 2003, it was first published in the literature of social science books sales top 3, will be issued within a few months to 500 thousand copies, become a writer when Guo Jingming was a junior student, worth millions, then "Grand track", "cry me a river" and other works of circulation are not low millions.

his novel "the times" published in 2008 1 origami era, on the year of the national annual literature bestsellers top sales in just 2 months. In May 4, 2008, the United States "New York Times" made a report entitled "China ‘s Pop Fiction" report, Guo Jingming was named "China’s most successful writer".

founded in his "Shanghai World Culture Development Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as the "most culture"), colleagues and subordinates called him more". Although most of the world’s culture in the eyes of outsiders has been in his own aura. But in December 1, 2013, Huace announced the price of 180 million yuan to buy a 26% stake in the world culture, has also been calculated, nearly 700 million yuan valuation.

Guo Jingming’s film "little time" series also has a very strong

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