Cherish the network for 122 million of the financing for the listing of the core data VE or water i

Sina Technology Li Li Liu Anni

1998, the predecessor of the treasure network – Chinese Dating Center was established in Shenzhen.

flash 18 years later, this established the first domestic dating sites now?

Sina Technology recently got 2 documents, according to the time node should be calculated for the second half of last year, while the other is the recent.

latest file screenshot

latest documents show that a love network is being dismantled VIE, and a new round of financing for the amount of 122 million yuan. In this fund raising documents, the financing body said the funds raised will be used for the removal of VIE, conservative estimates will be listed on the new board.


latest file shows a love network executives team

Baidu encyclopedia treasure network entry information

contrast file, a love network, the executive team and Baidu encyclopedia treasure network entry information, a love network is treasure network, okay?

VIE architecture is not you want to dismantle the

from last year’s financing documents, treasure network was the shareholding restructuring, ready to go back to the domestic gem listing, the goal is to complete the restructuring in the first half of 2016. Now the result is definitely a failure.


file in a proposed transaction, and describes the reasons due to the investment period (SEAVI fourth, SEAVI fund has exceeded the limit) is looking for a dollar fund investors, or through domestic RMB funds to buy SEAVI and / or other foreign shareholders of the shares. Popular explanation is to cherish the net to buy back SEAVI.

treasure network ownership structure

calculated in accordance with the 1 billion 600 million valuation of the document, the funds required to repurchase SEAVI should be 92 million 786 thousand and 400 yuan. (calculation formula: company valuation * accounting for overseas accounted for *SEAVI)

now still can not determine the success of the money to buy back the SEAVI melt into, because no information disclosure; if the failure of financing, cherished network can also choose to raise funds to buy back inside. As a result, the latest document of 122 million of the amount of financing is likely to be used to return last year’s internal fund-raising. But the money is only enough to repay the internal fund-raising, in order to do the demolition of the VIE at least to acquire all the shares outside, so you need 1 billion 52 million funds.

look at the recent document, the disclosure of the valuation of the treasure net valuation of 2 billion 700 million yuan, in order to do the removal of VIE, the need for RMB (accounting for the proportion of overseas to calculate in accordance with 65.75%).

recently, treasure network chairman Li Song at the event,

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