Novice to understand whether you do Wangzhuan

1 legal perspective. As a novice Wangzhuan legality is certainly the most concern, this point I’d like to introduce an objective description, we are all under the leadership of the party, the party is not allowed to let us do what we can’t do what, but there is a friend to see the legal provisions are not allowed to do Wangzhuan (if issued provisions you dare, attention is not even, Wangzhuan? Real expressly illegal MLM metamorphism and still have people do). That someone might say Wangzhuan mode like MLM, how do you explain


feel shy, let me explain it to turn the laws of the state capital, I can only speak with the facts, the forum posts Wangzhuan Wangzhuan QQ number is innumerable, the number is not clear, do Wangzhuan do not calculate, know you are not out of a big house in front of the evidence, do these people is a fool, is a liar, are criminals, ha ha, the judge for yourself. In fact, I just do it also very worried about these problems, was also hesitated for N days, ha ha, up to now was psychological normal, but since it has been paid close attention to this aspect also has to understand that, what do not hesitate, after all, you do not, there must be someone else to do.

2 mindset. As a beginner to see posts that attractive advertising slogan "ten thousand", "lying in bed will be able to make money, oh do not be confused by these signs, this time need to calm down, do you think there will be any good unearned, have heaven diaoxianbing thing? The advertising language is Wangzhuan predecessors in the action after the results, if you spend money to join, didn’t do what they thought they can become a millionaire, oh, no!

So in the

membership after you should learn from your superiors, learning basic knowledge of network marketing and promotion methods, we often hear the phrase "success can be replicated" as long as you seriously have perseverance month million yuan is a phase, but don’t see that writing advertisements have the dream of getting rich, and the impulse to join, so emotional added, often the result is the last to give up or lose confidence, so when you join in Wangzhuan to look at their own can not adapt to the group and the real pay, or otherwise do not contact, lest add not to earn money, he said to do Wangzhuan are liars (oh, there are such people, do not know if you contact it, I met many)

3 consciousness. Can say many things in society and not everyone can grasp, some people are always looking for ways to make money, in order to succeed always abandoned dismay, these people will be very easy to accept a variety of model to make money, as long as it is not in violation of the law of things will quickly seize the opportunity to put into work, so this kind of spirit and consciousness to succeed, this part is the principle of 20/80 in 20, there are still some people see others in the publicity, always in the suspect? Okay ah, even some can make money? What does not understand that you are a liar, ha ha, this part of the people I dare say, in which his consciousness industry.

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