Jingdong short report content is not misleading investors

every reporter Zhang Si

concern 6, electricity supplier war in the past, recently, Jingdong mall has once again become the focus of public opinion, the focus of the war in the past 18. JCapital, an investment advisory body in the United States issued a short report on this node, questioned the valuation criteria Jingdong, as well as the presence of the platform sales brush".

this, Jingdong responded that the report uses a large number of errors in the calculation and logical derivation, with the fact that the conclusion is completely inconsistent, seriously misleading investors and the public.

In addition to

, the above mentioned in the report of the Jingdong mainly rely on the B2B business, and the gross margin is very low, the future profitability of doubt that a Jingdong official told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the contents of the report were not true, the related description and measurement according to the push.

B2B business accounted for a very small

in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition, various electronic business platform generally like to show the strength of the sun data.

for this year’s "6 to 18" results, Jingdong official data show that in June 18th the same day the amount of orders more than 15 million single, compared with the same period last year, an increase of more than 100%. Among them, the mobile terminal orders accounted for more than 60%.

Jingdong does not disclose the performance of the total turnover of 6, 18, causing the U.S. investment advisory body JCapital concern.

the United States investment consulting agency said in a report, Jingdong sales of the existence of false, the so-called "brush". The report entitled Jingdong has become a wholesaler, the report believes that the existence of fictitious Jingdong transactions, and should not be in accordance with an electricity supplier company valuation. Jingdong is much smaller than the current level of claims. Jingdong is paying some people, so that they can complete the transaction through the online system, so that the electricity supplier business looks like growth".

in addition, the report also pointed out that Jingdong 30%~50% sales from the line wholesalers.

this, Jingdong official to the daily economic news reporter responded that, at present, B2B business accounted for a very small proportion of total revenue, accounting for only single digits, far from the above described in the report 30%~50%. Mentioned in the report of the Jingdong mainly rely on the B2B business, and because of the business gross margin is very low so the future profitability of doubt that were not true, and that the description is unfounded.

it is worth noting that the United States Agency mentioned in the above report, Jingdong’s commission rate is 10%, and the 10% commission rate multiplied by GMV (turnover) of commission income calculations, derive the existence of false conclusions of GMV Jingdong. "Such calculations and derivations are completely incorrect and inconsistent with the facts." Jingdong believes that the Jingdong can be seen from the Commission on the website of the commission rate policy list can be seen, the vast majority of Jingdong commission rates in the category, so >

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