Consumers just to pay the deposit on the price of commercial fraud

Tmall negotiated businesses with 50 yuan vouchers as compensation for lawyer: businesses suspected of price fraud



big picture: Eleven before, the merchant promised to pay the deposit, to $1999 to buy a mobile phone, and double the original price of eleven to restore the same day.

small figure: Double eleven day is still the price of 1999 yuan, there is no recovery price.

had promised not to price, never thought that would drop 300 yuan, bad faith." Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News received a number of consumers, said before a double 11 Tmall mall a domestic brand mobile phone advertising, prepaid 200 yuan deposit that is less than the original price of 300 yuan to buy a mobile phone, and make a double 11 to the original sale commitments, who double 11 day of the products actually directly to the sales price after the the price, attracted a large number of consumer dissatisfaction.

merchants do not guarantee

consumers Chen readme, Tmall mall in November 10th he saw a domestic mobile phone brand advertising, called prepaid 200 yuan deposit, you can enjoy the original price lower than 300 yuan, the purchase of the brand of a mobile phone with 1999 yuan. The original price of 2299 yuan. Because the second day is a double of the 11, I also worried that there will be a greater intensity concessions, consulting the customer service, they also let me rest assured that the price will not be." In an affirmative reply, Mr. Chen immediately to pay the deposit reserve of the product, "although clearly written book page does not enjoy the 7 days no reason to return, can not apply for instalment, though reluctant to give up the rights of consumers, but considering the price advantage, or order." Make him angry, "second days 11 I have Internet to see, did not expect that the mobile phone direct selling 1999 yuan," because Tmall mobile phone products day also donated 50 yuan coupons, the actual transaction price of only 1949 yuan.

advance deposit is not worthwhile

Similar to

and Mr. Chen, Ms. Ning also saw the advertisement consumers pay the deposit after the purchase, the high version of mobile phone. On her web page screenshot, the reporter saw the following description of this commodity prepaid 200 yuan deposit, the total price down by $300. Not subscribed users, 11· 11 the same day to buy the original price". They make promises but don’t follow them. Ms. Ning told reporters that the activities of the "preferential" of attracting a large number of consumers booking, double 11 after many users expressed dissatisfaction with the reservation business behavior, the spontaneous formation of the activist group, the group currently has hundreds of people. Up to now has been more than 1 months, the business still does not explain the reasons, we hope they give a reasonable explanation, with a deposit of $200 as compensation." Ms. Ning said.

can return without compensation

on the matter, reporters call the consumer provides the business phone number, no answer, then tries to "Ali Wang

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