Those years of popular SEO skills you forget it

I contact SEO is 06 years, that year I opened a network company, just don’t know where to find customers. At this time to know a friend to do SEO, told me that a very simple way is to post everywhere. At that time did not know is to increase the chain, I did, the first month from the Internet to the 3W business, you know that happy spirit. Later learned more SEO knowledge. With the loss of time, many methods have been abandoned.


, many people have to do so, at a certain age, we in the title of a large number of keyword stuffing can quickly row to the first page, today, this practice has already been eliminated, but we should also pay attention to the problem of selecting the core keywords, key words and long tail keywords + brand word of this combination is the selection method Department of general enterprises, of course we also need to pay attention to it, do not stack keywords in the title, once identified search engine, so you’ll have to take the time to let the search engine to your favor.

B2B marketing, 04 years when there is a group of software, such as: Student mentorship, gold, is the large mass content to each B2B platform, in 2010 when Baidu big adjustment rules, a large number of B2B sites fell overnight. Now B2B site estimates are not concerned about the people. Only those of us who think of their old glory.

forum marketing, and B2B marketing, are the victims of Baidu, the first time, in a forum to register several accounts, a lot of traffic every day from the forum into their own website. Now there is no traffic.

blog marketing, first discovered the blog ranking, we began to try to put our marketing content into the blog, the effect is very obvious, some long tail word on the home page is all our blog, so we opened more blog, for example: Sina blog, blog NetEase Sohu, blog, blog bus blog, Baidu space, etc.. Until one day the blog ranking No.

micro-blog marketing, blog marketing seems to be a very short time effect is not good, followed by the emergence of micro-blog marketing. Overnight micro-blog marketing by the web site and the media pushed to a new height, so we have to have the micro-blog marketing, many people rely on the rich, a micro-blog business expert’s annual salary is 30W, the cosmetics company, a clothing company, there are some special experience of micro-blog marketing team. Of course, there are more people to me as always did not find their own products and the combination of micro-blog.

news source, I believe that many companies will put the news on the front page, we practice simply because search engines love words, the news is to increase the amount included in our website, but the news is really useful? We send news to what? If you just included, included hundreds of thousands, is your site the traffic will go up? Now is the world cup.

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