The most powerful tool for network marketing

network marketing is reflected in the way of communication and communication, he spread to consumers is the enterprise information, product information, brand information, marketing information, the strongest tool in this area there are 10.

the first big tool: blog


blog is the consumer information and dissemination of information portal, the enterprise can in the blog according to the content and orientation of the main Bo interest advertising, for bloggers to provide free product trial, and then invite bloggers on the feelings and evaluation of products, invite bloggers visit enterprises, in cooperation with operators to launch a blog blog page the decorative aspects of enterprise information dissemination tools. Advertising is undoubtedly the most simple form, but if you can get the identity of the blogger and write articles on the benefits of enterprises and products, you can achieve the effect of word of mouth. In addition, the establishment of their own blog is also a good way of communication, the current number of enterprises in the enterprise blog and consumer interactive Q & A has also achieved good results.

case: as long-term sponsor of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola will be in 2005 during the Turin Winter Olympics in Italy, launched a dialogue marketing website, called "Torino Conversations". The site is open Podcasting, publish pictures, reader comments and other functions, and pay 6 students were recruited from Chinese, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia and the United States, from the Winter Olympics audience’s point of view, in the form of blog reported in real time the Winter Olympics, and promotion of Coca-Cola products. The blog team is equivalent to a team of Coca-Cola’s public relations department PR, but does not belong to Coca Cola Co employees.

Coca Cola Co blog marketing strategy can be described as a frontier. At present, many companies in the United States in order to increase the traditional marketing on the basis of the blog network marketing plan, try to hire part-time and full-time blog to promote corporate activities. Such as the Holland Tourism Bureau in January to pay 25 bloggers, let them participate in the Amsterdam press conference, the blogger BlogAds Network blog by specialized service network on the blog and advertisers unified recruitment. Visa USA2005 also released a similar website to encourage Olympic fans to release the blog about the Olympic games. The site in the technical functionality than the Coca-Cola site is more advanced, in addition to allow Podcasting, publish pictures, reader comments, you can also use the photo sharing site management of photo sharing services and video blog service.

second tools: Forum

Tree type

forum can have good communication effect, set up enterprise or brand area in the forum, has the direction to put forward the topic and topic of discussion, invite consumers to participate in and give spiritual encouragement, can achieve the purpose of communication. In fact, many companies have attached great importance to the spread of the forum. Set topics and references in the Forum

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