Network marketing promotion strategy system analysis 1

as a result of the network marketing system, I divided into a few to write! Probably divided into the following three parts!

1 how to find a customer strategy.

2 tips.

3 software and tools.

today for the first part, if the customer strategy is found.

a. How to find a customer strategy.

1 foreign trade website construction strategy.

2 foreign trade business process strategy.

1 order conversion rate. Usually one hundred IP bring an order to the B2C industry. And B2B can’t do it. GGAD one thousand IP inside there are ten inquiries. There is an order for ten enquiries.

The establishment of

2 service consciousness. The construction of the domestic website will be put aside. Contact the foreign website to write clearly, plus 800 phone home page. His contact details, contact address, telephone, map. EMAIL. EMAIL write clearly what time online, etc.. Timely reply.

3 website construction strategy, website integrity, foreign customers often search your company’s name and address, the customer is actually looking for your information on the internet. The more information you have, the more reliable and honest your company is.

there are many companies that do not do well, so there is no inquiry. The introduction of foreign websites and third party certification, the United States usually have a BBB site logo, in China, such as AAA certification. The United States has a personal privacy certification, registered users can rest assured. There are shopping cart program site, many sites have VISA logo. Many customers will believe that his credit card number will not leak. At home, we can do so to get recognition. The website must have Deng type code. Foreign customers will be more at ease, at least you can find your company’s information on Deng’s website. There is also the introduction of GVM information, if the GVM site and the school website has your information or links, then the credibility is high. When you register a domain name, you must have the information of your company. The domain name is registered for ten years and the domain name is not the same. Website design and content no typos, grammatical correctness. The performance of the form of e-mail, as far as possible with the payment box. As far as possible with the company’s domain name information. In the eyes of foreign people, free with deceptive nature.

4 focus on search engine optimization. YAHOO directory is worth it, although more expensive, but the cost can be recovered. The first key word, second original content, the third website update, the fourth external links.

(1) keyword is more important, your product page or your company page, to enter the top three search engines. This is more important, no one will read after three pages. Pay attention to do the long tail keywords, can bring a lot of traffic, target >

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