[failure] year end summary 8 annual lessons of entrepreneurs must see

Wen / Li Yang (Genesis daily editor)

source / Daily News (WeChat ID:chuangribao)

what is the end of the year? It is not as good as the whole point of practical use. In 2016, we should keep in mind and learn:

lesson 1: even if you work experience rich, entrepreneurship is still very difficult

has a female entrepreneur, she set up a special investment platform for women at the beginning of this year. She is an experienced financial industry practitioners, in many of the world’s top financial institutions as executives. But she admits that, despite this, she still finds it harder to be an entrepreneur than a bank.

she advise those who are ready to give up high paying jobs to big company business people think twice, for nine reasons:

financing floundered shame;

B2B sales embarrassing;

recruit the right people difficult;

is more difficult to recruit people who are suitable and not high wages;

office environment can not be good;

everyone is here to give you a meal;

money to burn too fast, hire someone to hire the wrong worse;

to deal with a variety of documents, all kinds of taxes, to deal with a variety of regulatory;

never want to be lazy.

lesson 2: don’t call yourself a freelancer

It’s not a good thing for

manager to call himself freelance. An entrepreneur told other people all alone, claiming freedom of occupation, and can not prove to others that you know what to do, but can not prove that you have more professional. On the contrary, it is not fair to say that, in the case of a person who has a strategic partnership with other people, it is generally believed that what the freelancer does is low cost.

lesson 3: sometimes removing the burden of CEO is one of the most powerful actions

, a female CEO, withdrew from her position in January this year, and some people thought she had chosen to back down in the face of failure. However, to be able to see their skills and shortcomings, she has demonstrated a strong leadership.

as an organization leader, chosen to back down from a high place, or change their roles is not easy, but it can provide increased opportunities for other people, the better for the new space for the organization. This is also the embodiment of leadership. Doing so is more modest than we used to be in business and culture.

lesson 4: crisis can sometimes help your company get out of the woods

no one wants to see everything in a mess, but in the face of life and death dilemma, companies can often learn one or two. Sometimes, >

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