8 years into the computer have nothing

      in 1999, in order to encourage our father to read, bought a computer, it seems to be very expensive, is more than 8 thousand, or brand! (every day to play red alert)

      graduated from high school in 2000 because my father was a doctor, and he wanted me to study medicine. Let me read the school in Guizhou, Anshun, to read half of the semester because their parents divorced, so he was in no mood to continue reading! (at that time began to learn the Internet chat QQ, as well as rivers and lakes)

      in 2001, I was called by his father to take me to the mountains to study medicine! Because his father contracted a mountain herbs. At that time, poor environment, live is called the local people to build in the mountain hut, get up every day and the "brothers" taught me martial arts, and then back medicine books, when nothing went to see their own kind of medicine, the day is at leisure, is very comfortable, do not know what it is when suddenly feel this life is not for me. I think I can play games at home, think of friends, classmates, I completely separated from them. Thinking of these, I have the idea of "escape". I didn’t think I would take the rest of the brothers at noon, after a day’s journey, I left the mountain, went to the family home to relatives to dozens of pieces of money, then go home by bus! (after going home has been playing online games)

      in 2002, I was in Sichuan to read a computer college, did not want to continue to read, I do not want to go to school, because the school can not learn things, now know that the original view is completely wrong. (also playing games while reading)

      in 2003, I studied in Chongqing University computer network engineering, graduated, but only (Chongqing University certificate) certificate! Later I was burned! Compare the intentions of the study, learn some knowledge, will be simple image processing, simple FLASH production, but there are a lot of things do not know what is

      2004 I work in the Internet, while playing a game to work, learn the knowledge of computer hardware maintenance! In the second half of 2004, I actually had an interest in the web page! I began to make a web page, apply for free space, and I want to do some of my girlfriend to witness the page, I learned to make a mess of a few mess of the page. Also very proud to see his girlfriend! Now think of some comedy (funny)

      in 2005, I went to work in the Chongqing travel agency, perhaps because I work here, so I began to get obsessed with the Internet, began to fanaticism. In the company to work is to maintain the computer, and then sat in the company every day to blow air conditioning chat QQ (the company can not play the game), I feel like this is very sorry to take their own wages, their own

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