2016 year of the ten nternet products predicted

every year after the Spring Festival, the three and 42 months, always when frequent changes. In the past two months, the Internet will focus on job hopping, recruitment, business lines and strategic objectives…… In such a node, we try to start from their own judgments and understanding, the completion of this article with a little predictive nature.

as we do in a product themed learning community, our predictions will be more concerned about the product". Or that sentence, let more people can talk less about the industry trend and empty financing, can get more attention to products, research products, especially the new people in the Internet industry. Among them, we expect the event will happen in 2016 Internet products include: knowledge is about to usher in a major revision, online education platform products give us grapefruit and aunt you will want to merge

this article all the content of the three class sponsors Luke, cloth cotton, Huang Youcan based on their own subjective judgments and speculation made, does not guarantee reliable. Any similarity is just coincidence. In addition, the following rankings.

predicted 1, watercress will be on its line of the fifteenth APP?


, we’ve talked about it many times. Everyone knows, watercress is now in bad condition, the last round of financing has been in the past 4 years, and over the past 4 years, commercial exploration is not smooth, the mobile terminal transformation is not smooth, Web side data continued to decline……

in such a situation, with investor pressure must try to change the watercress, to restore their current situation. This is not smooth.

and watercress launch in the past 4 years including the moment, watercress, watercress FM, watercress, watercress city group 14 APP, is a product of the demand driven change watercress.


, watercress does not go smoothly. So far, it’s 14 mobile terminal APP, almost no one is not experiencing a large number of users Tucao, and even have to go no matter how to change, there will always be a group of users ran out to the point of death.

like we had in the "bean ten years, mentioned a typical elite community" in the rise and fall, watercress problems, in fact is a mature product has tens of millions of users in the user activity began to decline, which will meet the pain to a typical transformation and new exploration and the Innovation: on the one hand, it carries many loyal users’ expectations and habits; on the other hand, it must take into account the myriad new needs of users and experience.

, and the demands of these two types of users, is likely to be very different, even mutually exclusive.

to the current situation, most of the old users are 80, after 80, although they have feelings for watercress, but after all, 10 years ago, a large wave of people have married and have children

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