nformation security black hole shocking 37% website loopholes

mobile phone Taobao, red envelopes, booking tickets…… When we are enjoying the convenience of the network to give, but unaware of their privacy information is being employed by criminals. The "Economic Information Daily" reporters before the interview was informed that the current information security "black hole" has reached alarming proportions, the website attack and exploit is developing to the direction of mass, scale, user privacy and rights have been violated, especially some important data even to his country, is not only the personal and corporate information security. The threat has been increased to the level of national security.

Reporters from the sky before the

vulnerability response platform included data show that the platform can lead to 2 billion 360 million known vulnerabilities leakage of private information, including personal information, account password, bank card information, confidential business information etc.. The main sources of data leakage are: Internet sites, games and government systems that have a large amount of information. According to public information, since 2011, there are 1 billion 127 million user privacy information is leaked.

"this data means that almost every one of us who surf the Internet, our own information may have been stolen or even used." A network security authority on the Economic Information Daily reporters admitted that this is just the tip of the iceberg, but more worrying is that the actual situation is even worse than this statistical data. At present, more and more information security breaches are directed at the "money" to the next financial and online payment will become the hardest hit, the signal from the current exposure of the chip, computer equipment, such as the carrier, and even some involving national security, energy resources, aviation and other fields will be broke the problem of information security.

it is understood that since 2011 the largest IT community of CSDN exposed the leaks, the site was dragged library and hit the library events continue to occur. 2014, hit the library hit an unprecedented peak. From the sky vulnerability response platform channel information disclosure, 2014, including no secret (formerly secret),, Sohu, an intellectual network, car home, Sogou, Evernote and many other famous sites have been hit base attack, resulting in a large number of users’ personal information leakage.

from the 12306 information disclosure, Ctrip information disclosure to the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province recently exposed Hikvision security event monitoring equipment…… There are indications that, for the development of the information economy and the Internet economy in China, the problem of network information security is imminent.

behind the data leakage is more exposed to the security of the site." The sky vulnerability response platform Zhao Wu responsible for the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, website security is directly related to information privacy, commercial secrets and property safety data, the current user data collection, storage, management and use are not standardized, and lack of supervision, mainly rely on self-discipline of enterprises. But on the portal, such as electricity providers, on the one hand, the lack of awareness of network information security protection, on the other hand, the lack of network information security skills >

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