Zhong Zhixin network promotion is not equal to SEO

network promotion is the use of the Internet for promotional activities. That is to say as long as it is to promote the use of cyber source information dissemination, reached a certain reputation or other interests; but I found a problem, is now a lot of title for the network promotion forum, Forum web promotion forum, SEO forum also; but in the SEO section are sent to the SEO in content, network promotion forum issued almost all SEO skills, which makes me very strange.

and now companies are doing, in a large large-scale recruitment website (in which I will not say what is large, we all know), the job is network promotion, but the requirements are all aspects of SEO technology, what should be familiar with the search engine algorithm, know the search engine rules and so on; refer to SEO’s expertise; but did not mention the word network promotion.

and I asked a lot of people, how to make a web site traffic increase, answer my almost all do keyword ranking, very few people say other promotion.

through the above a few simple examples, visible almost everyone understand the concept, think network promotion is SEO, but it is not the case, SEO can only be said to be an extension of the network, and not all equal to the network promotion. There is the key words of the enterprise even if the top three search engines, traffic is not large. Because the words are very limited, take my company, all the main Baidu keyword index was more than and 100, and the Baidu index is not the number of searches, each channel is Baidu’s attention, every day from the search engine is 100 IP, so that the light is SEO Traffic is very difficult rose, do some indifferent class portal website, many words, is also very popular as possible from the search engines to more.

Although the

SEO is very important, but not all, the way of network promotion is very much, in this is not an example. I think we all understand.

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