look at the operation of a profitable website site positioning

summed up some things today, is about the website profit. There may be something wrong, just based on my 5 years of Internet experience.

now write out, one is to save a file, and the two is to communicate with you to give you some experience.

specific chapters are as follows:

a, site positioning

two, user experience

three, website SEO optimization

four, website promotion

five, website profit

because the concept is empty, I’ll give you an example in every way. Then analyze. At the same time, welcome to my blog page to participate in the discussion.

website operating profit site positioning


The most important thing is to choose the location of the site in the early days of

. The location of the site should pay attention to the following two things

1, whether there is a user group in line with your positioning.

do you have a good user base? Because a website is very simple to flow. Don’t tell me which is only interested. If the user group is large, and the lack of positioning way similar to your idea, which congratulations, you have successfully prerequisites. Of course, this situation is generally rare. More is that you find a very unique positioning, and the positioning of the crowd is very small, or you find a very common positioning, and the positioning of the site has a lot.

2, is there any content that matches your location.

site traffic is king, traffic is the essence of things, but the more essential thing is the content. So I, do site, traffic is king, the content. Both are indispensable. Looking for web site positioning is that you need to pay attention to whether there are rich, to attract the user’s content to fill this position.

if you have these two aspects, you can start the basic station. Because you already have the basic conditions of the site. As for the later more things I will continue to introduce my experience.

example analysis

here I give an example. Hoofei, a friend of mine, made a website. Http://s.downkr.com this is a download class website. Let’s analyze his position.

now we have a lot of types of websites, skycn, newhua positioning is very simple, the largest, fastest. Crsky positioning is the first crack in the software above.

there are other very specific positioning of the download site. What if a new website stands out? Which is a special location.

downkr is positioned on the user experience, personally think that his choice is very successful in positioning, after the network has been basically any acquisition program of baptism, a web site can easily be copied overnight. But the only thing that can’t be copied is the user with high strength

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