How to play new tricks how to take the public enterprise marketing platform

What is the WeChat

? Is it just an instant messaging tool? In the WeChat Partner Conference held in November 18th on the WeChat public platform to show the outside world product positioning more aggressive, "connecting people" what WeChat has in the true vision of connecting people and services". By contrast, WeChat public platform released the latest fresh gameplay also pocketed the eye, won the spot repeatedly exclaimed.

WeChat public platform of the new gameplay exactly what?

1, the public interface upgrade, WeChat can be the perfect control of TV air conditioning

in the general assembly site, the staff to show you one of the latest public numbers – control appliances. Use the phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the air conditioning, select the name of the Haier smart air conditioning public account. Then a dialog box pops up: "Hello, master, I am your housekeeper, do you want to turn on the air conditioning?". After further operation, the phone will appear on the screen of the air conditioning virtual operating interface, this time the phone has become a new remote control.

In addition to

, TV, rice cookers, induction cooker can be connected to WeChat. WeChat officials hope that each public number will be developed by the corresponding APP interface, so that each public number has become a APP. This idea is very bold, and once the operation effect may be unprecedented.

2, payment interface open, "WeChat brush for fashion


launch of version 5, once triggered WeChat Ali siege warfare. Nevertheless, WeChat is still very calm in the face of this change, actively looking for a breakthrough from other areas. Now fast and easy, Dangdang, treasure and three party payment companies have access to WeChat, you can choose the way WeChat brush in the above website.

in addition, the conference is WeChat flagship smart cards from the vending machine brush WeChat pay. For example, want to buy a bottle of Orange Juice from intelligent vending machine, press the product images, two-dimensional code Orange Juice will appear on the LCD screen vending machine, as long as pay with WeChat scan, Orange Juice can roll out from automatic vending machine. At present, the way to pay the smart scan code has been put into operation in the North Canton and other major cities.

although WeChat has also been stressed that the user experience, and not too much to create the development of commercial value. But it can not be denied, WeChat payment actually marks the door has been opened mobile providers. WeChat public platform of this fertile land to grow grow seedlings, this is a lot of companies and enterprises have been exploring and trying, I think it may be from the following considerations:

1, then move, accurate positioning and then into the

although the number of public WeChat platform has been more than 2 million, but this does not mean that any industry or business are suitable for marketing in this platform. In the Xiamen Kaluosi company as an example, the company itself is to provide short message service.

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