Don’t do a monthly income of million Taobao off promotion method

do Taobao off promotion, many people first reaction is to do, and do the first thought is an open platform API call. Now Taobao off the new regulations come out, it is a blow to the Tao guest. In order to avoid these problems, the method of the three or four Taobao customers to promote made adjustments, summary, sorting a set without website promotion methods, hope that we can help. In fact, Taobao customers can not do, but also make it easier for some.

a, selected products

API call to Taobao’s massive commodity to its own website, this method seems not too specific, dredge for a needle in the sea, and the commission can not grasp, a lot of time out, commission rate is very low, even zero, can only take the poor point mall subsidies. The selection of products this step looks simple, in fact is very important, which is why some people hit thousands or even thousands of only then dozens of dollars, and some people have one hundred or two hundred hits a few hundred dollars. The products have the following principles: (1) high sales, sales of high praise degree are often relatively high, people have a herd mentality, if we go to push a no volume of goods, without any evaluation, so buyers do not have a reference room. If I were a buyer, I would never buy. (2) the Commission is high, the Commission is not high, not only that the proportion of high, but after the settlement of the commission. Some things a high proportion of commissions, or even up to 50%, but the price is very cheap, only a dozen or even a few dollars, then the Commission on the poor poor. (3) as far as possible to choose Tmall, here is not discrimination store, but the conversion rate is indeed a lot of Tmall, because Tmall can cross store settlement, but also the mall subsidies can take.


two, do list

said in front of the product, this step is to sort out the product. The same type of products, not only one of the two brands do better, if we only push a brand, but people do not buy this brand, to buy other brands, this time that we can’t control the commission. So, we can according to the Commission, sales, praise to do a list, and do some simple evaluation, so it is also helpful to buyers, to provide them with reference to provide a choice.

three, select keywords

do promotion cannot do without SEO, whether do or do promotion forum, blog, question and answer all cannot do without SEO, so the choice of keywords is very important. (1) website. Recommended to do a large class, do not do too miscellaneous, a lot of weight loss, health care products on the entire site on a list. Here we can do a main category, keyword selection a little hot point, choose some relatively cold or long tail keywords. (2) forum, blog promotion, the keyword method would choose long tail keywords or unpopular, the equivalent of the site within the pages of this promotion, we need to collect a large number of relevant.

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