Web Design Guide for web promotion

web site should have a clear hierarchy and text links. Each page should be open to at least one static text link.

provides users with web maps, lists links to important parts of the site. If you have more than 100 links on your site map, you need to split the site map into multiple pages.

site should be practical and informative, web page text should be clear and accurate expression to convey the content.

should take into account what words the user will use to find your web page and make sure that the site does contain the text.

try to use text instead of graphics to display important names, content, or links. Search engine grab tool can not identify the text contained in the graphics.

ensure that the description and expression of TITLE and ALT tag attributes are accurate.

check whether the link is corrupt and make sure that the HTML format is correct.

if you decide to use a dynamic web page (that is, the URL contains "? " character), please note that not all search engines crawl tools can crawl like static web pages to crawl the dynamic web pages. Dynamic web pages help to shorten the length of parameters and reduce the number of parameters.

limits the number of links on a specific web page to a reasonable amount (less than 100).

technical guide

because most of the search engine Spider to view the site in the same way as Lynx, so you can use Lynx and other text browser to view your site. If the result of the application of the Javascript, Cookie, ID, DHTML framework, session Flash or other complex technology, and could not see in the text in the browser all the web pages of website, the search engine Spider to grab your site may be in trouble.

allows you to search your web site without the use of a session ID or parameter that tracks its path to the web site. These techniques are very useful for tracking the behavior of individual users, but the browser access patterns are quite different. If these techniques are used, the search for the web site may not be complete, because the browser may not be able to exclude those that look different but actually point to the same page.

ensure that your web server supports If-Modified-Since HTTP header. With this feature, your web server can tell Google whether the content has changed since the last time you crawled to your site. This feature can save your bandwidth and overhead.

uses the robots.txt file on the web server. The file will tell the tool to grab what directory can crawl, which can not crawl.

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