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small be in full swing needless to say we are very clear, do marketing people know can be marketing by small. But how to use low to promote marketing their products or services? Below I will according to the cow image using a little promotion of practical experience, we summarize and share with you, hoping to share with


1, registered for registration: meager meager account is very simple, but here to consider use you registered this account, to what purpose, for example, if you want to promote the image through this small, then you need to carefully improve the meager information, including user name, avatar, web site, there is a brief the introduction of this communication is very important for you,

2, found that the advantages of their products: cow image is an image processing software, the core advantage is in the shortest possible time simple control of a key processing, to produce a variety of beautiful offbeat scenes, this is the number of PS master are unmatched, and can also handle after the photos directly into a variety of personalized gift souvenir or gift to others.

analysis of the 3 and meager features: take Sina small, can be a word, a figure at the heart of the heart. This kind of simple and convenient will give you a great convenience to promote marketing.

4, the combination of points: the image of cattle can be characterized by image processing, small support pictures, then you can find a hot topic, with a cow like a key to deal with the main event of the photo, and then released.

5, this time the most popular is the Shoushou gate and Xi Li Ge, but Shoushou conveyed is a vulgar boring event, Xi Li Ge event is a cause of social concern, causing public sympathy positive events.

6, so here I chose some photos of Xi Li Ge, using the cow image to do a few scenes in one minute, including being named the eleven outstanding youth, CK readers and magazine covers, this is the cow image the most convenient place, no matter how powerful you PS, but want to in a minute to make so many scenes it is impossible.

7, the target user group: because we are in the grass, so we try not to pay attention to microwave on celebrities, pay close attention to them, they will not pay attention to you! And who is always living in the roots of two parallel lines, and you pay attention to some of the roots, the grass root users to see new fans that will see who is this new fans, so 1 of the information is very important.

8 note: here a little attention to, not just to pay attention to other people, but have a choice, the basic is to focus on the user might for your product line users, there are a certain number of fans of the user, not only a few fans of users, three, quickly search through microwave you can search, pay attention to some topics, such as Xi Li Ge.

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