Some simple entrepreneurial ideas to make you keep

entrepreneurship has become modern social popular language, but after experiencing hardships, entrepreneurial success rate is very low. So business two words let people terrified, can not always spend money desire. So I want to start their own business friends summed up a number of simple and easy successful entrepreneurial model.

myth, millions of people in Shenzhen to eat his food

city people busy making money, family members are simple and have no time to purchase vegetables regulate their food in this life, in accordance with the requirements of consumers to send food door-to-door service, small investment, profit is not thin, strong operation. A small army to the agricultural product market to find a food dealer for villagers, vegetables and distribution of the relevant experience, and then with 10 employees, the company holding the leaflets, handing out leaflets in the downtown streets, 10 o’clock in the morning on time, will the customer specified food to consumers at home. In order to catch up, small army and staff to get up at 2 in the morning, first to the wholesale market procurement, and then finishing, cleaning, sorting, packaging. And then arrange for staff to start cycling. Small army pay more attention to the norms of corporate behavior. Send home more than the customer designated time, compensation for 20% of the dish. The shifting, return the varieties within one hour to complete…… Good reputation and reputation, making the company’s rapid development has entered an unprecedented situation.

the next step is to build a website, through online marketing, so that more customers can purchase orders directly through the network of food, let busy urban people to work without personally visiting the market can buy high quality and inexpensive. Our team is acting as the company’s Web site construction and promotion business, more technology, projects please visit my website

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