The case of business Everybody loves a joke

lead: as the leader of the fashion culture, how the value of the product in the end piece? Isn’t big enough to obtain venture capital or seek listing



has recently completed C round of financing of $100 million and has attracted much attention in today’s headlines, founding stage released the first few products are not the personalized information recommendation engine, but "funny embarrassed map" "the connotation of scripts and other scripts products. Until now, the connotation of scripts in the flow is not inferior.

who said piece is unable to form an industry? Since the beginning of "curious" and "joke", through text, pictures, video and other forms of short, gathering all kinds of folk original interesting or spoof content of Internet products, constitute a unique internet era entertainment industry. If they are compared with the traditional media, they are regarded as a "piece of news agency, is also the trend of cultural leadership.

and these products into the cost of very little (basically all mental input), but can be self financing. If it is an independent site, it will soon become a large flow, if it is a large class of products, with micro-blog, WeChat and other content distribution channels to form a perfect upstream and downstream relationships.

VC sees this kind of company has all kinds of funny pictures of US website Imgur completed a $40 million financing in the near future, 8 months time flow billion Viralnova is more than VC for investment. This raises questions: how big is the value of these products? Is it big enough to get venture capital or even go public?

a case


was founded in 2009, is a picture of the identity of the storage, processing and sharing service providers, due to the popularity of a variety of UGC images in accordance with the arrangement, and became a funny picture site. It is a collection of pictures of the other hand in hand, picture processing (provides Meme pictures, users will let the network burst red picture resources or their own original random pictures processing), 2012 reached 2 billion visitors per month, A16Z recently won $40 million investment led A round of financing.


was originally founded in 2008, headquartered in Hongkong, in 2012 moved to the San Francisco Bay area, is a funny content aggregators, before 2011 has been in a slow growth state, after a sudden explosive growth, each post on its website in 2012 with an average of 1000 to 2500 share. Since then received a $2 million 800 thousand venture capital.


nearly a year of the world’s most popular content independent website (no one), the content of interesting and valuable for the purpose of the daily update 3 – 6 articles, pay great attention to the quality of graphics. Established in May 2013, 8 months after the visit of more than 100 million users

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