Detailed network marketing skills harm

There are a lot of

network marketing skills, and today to share with you is one of the important skills.


detailed network marketing skills: harm (Figure)

chat with a male friend to do network consulting for two days, talked about some common skills in network consulting, which endanger the skills I was impressed, he cited an example:

a backache patients search "back pain do" entered the site a male hospital in Baidu, and began a conversation of consultants.

users: Hello, doctor, I’d like to ask, what is the reason, how to treat


consultants: there are a lot of back pain, you do not worry, your personal situation I simply understand, you simply say your name, age and sex.

user: Name: XXX, gender: male, age: 43.

consultants: you backache how long? Back pain is accompanied by other symptoms of


users: back pain for a long time, often feel pain accompanied by dizziness fatigue.

Consultant: do you have a habit of smoking, drinking, or sitting?

users: Yes, often smoking, drinking, because of work reasons, so often sitting.

consultants: that according to your situation, you may be the analysis of prostate appeared problem, cause prostate back pain accompanied by dizziness fatigue symptoms.

user: is that true? Is that a serious condition, need treatment?

consultants: Yes, you belong to this situation of mild prostate problems, the best treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause long-term impotence and premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction and other serious problems, will affect the life of husband and wife.

user: it’s so serious! What do I need to do now,


Consultant: you do not worry, for your situation, you can come to our hospital to do a detailed examination, for your inspection, our doctor will provide you with targeted treatment options.

user: OK, then you can give me your address, I’ll go tomorrow.

Consultant: xxxxxxx.

In this case

, consultants used "harm" marketing skills, brought a panic to the user, if not treated as soon as possible, there will be a series of serious problems, will eventually bring serious consequences.

network marketing, is to fully understand human nature, many cases are the weakness of human nature, like "harm" of this type of marketing, to enlarge people’s heart of fear, to achieve the ultimate aim of marketing.

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