‘m not standing lonely

on the Internet recently especially popular "XXX, your mother calling you home for dinner" words, such nonsense words create the amount of attention, it is really a miracle. There are a lot of friends on the Internet to comment on the reasons for this phenomenon. One explanation: loneliness. Personally think it is very convincing, it is for this reason, now popular online and nonsensical words on "lonely". For example, I do not eat noodles, is lonely, etc..

as every day in the network, I rarely care about these words, but very personal value inherent mystery hidden by the popular keywords. We can imagine, if you do not stop the service, or to be able to follow the expectations of the pig boss dinglei service, then it will appear in the post of Warcraft bar. Even if there is, and how many people will pay attention to, and lead to the same phenomenon as now. The answer is simple, this phenomenon will not occur.

so in other words, this idea will be cited to our website promotion process, is not a way of thinking. As the title of this article is the same: I promote the site is not lonely. Personal opinion, not for the popularization and promotion of website promotion, but should be in-depth analysis of the site of the target object psychology, according to psychological characteristics of users to plan to promote the program, through this system of promotion will play a multiplier effect.

of course, we can not talk, recently, take a test:

1, the first clear site positioning, my website is a teach people how to lose weight, teach beauty makeup tips website.

2, then analysis of the target user psychology, target users are young women, especially some women need to lose weight, they urgently need to understand the real and effective way to lose weight, they are very concerned about their body weight, body condition etc..

3, based on user psychology, to take effective measures. Because women are very concerned about weight loss, so the original substantial weight loss methods, especially the weight loss experience information, then the information will be in the high popularity of the women’s forum published widely, at the same time in the QQ group will be close to those related to the use of information to beauty, and regularly organize information summary released to the QQ mailbox. In fact, the above work is mainly in two aspects: the development of new customers, consolidate old customers.

In fact,

promotion methods many, but many of my friends are blunt and relevant information will be released on the Internet, or directly to the QQ group, this effect is very poor, and it is easy to make people tired, tired not to understand their information, which leads to their boring website.

therefore, the site must be effectively promote the customer from the psychological point of view, tailored to promote the program, the only way to form a good brand, bringing massive traffic.

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